CompanyCam Takes the Guesswork Out of Their Tech-Touch Customer Success Model with Vitally’s Automation Capabilities

Who is CompanyCam?

Jared McCoskey, Director of Customer Success @ CompanyCam

CompanyCam is the #1 field service management app for contractors—helping contractors document their jobs, communicate with their crews, and make their existing tools more powerful. With CompanyCam, teams build trust with their crews and customers through photo documentation. 

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Guesswork and Gut Feelings: The Challenges

  • Reactive Customer Success team
  • Lack of insight into accounts
  • Customer data dispersed across different software and tools

Before Vitally, the Customer Success team at CompanyCam was spending a lot of time guessing—guessing when accounts would be in an at-risk or opportune state; guessing which accounts needed their CSMs’ time; guessing which tasks should be prioritized. 

“We were guessing which accounts needed our time, and we were spending a lot of time in places that we didn't need to spend our time,” said Jared. “So to get a feel for the health of an account, we were going based off of gut in a lot of ways, and waiting for something to happen before we would act on it.”

A large customer base and customer data dispersed across different tools led to a lack of visibility and accessibility into their book of business.  

“We didn't have a lot of insight into what was going on within accounts,” said Jared. “Any insight we did have was really difficult to locate and see a clear picture without going through a lot of different software and different tools.”

CompanyCam’s overall lack of visibility into their accounts also impacted their Customer Success team’s ability to prioritize tasks and be proactive with their customers. 

“We do have a high volume of accounts, and just not knowing where to go that day, not knowing what to prioritize, not knowing what to do—we just didn't have a good gauge of what would happen that day until it happened,” said Jared. 

All of these challenges facing the Customer Success team at CompanyCam resulted in wasted time, and the realization that they couldn’t continue supporting their customers effectively at their current pace. 

“I just could see all of the time that was being wasted, and the lack of efficiency,” said Jared. “We were like, we have to do something here; we have to get this into one place; we have to figure out a way to truly understand our customers and where they're at.”

Spending Time Where It’s Needed Most: The Solution

  • Ease of use for Customer Success leadership and CSMs
  • Creating a reference point for KPIs and key metrics
  • Automation capabilities enable better prioritization and CSM efficiency 

“When I realized we couldn't continue at our current pace and keep doing the same things we were doing, being super reactive with everything, I just started exploring what software was out there that was for customer success,” said Jared. “I felt like our current solutions were not built for us. They were either built for sales, or built for support, and we needed something for Customer Success—for our team.”

Vitally stood out from the crowd for two key reasons—power and ease-of-use.

“Vitally really stood out to me because it was extremely powerful. I could tell that there was data coming in from all of the sources I needed it to come in from,” said Jared. “But it was also really user friendly—building out a playbook, or pulling some piece of information, or seeing the way that we would take a look at an account and get a snapshot. It just made sense to me.”

CompanyCam uses Vitally to manage their large customer base, and Vitally’s Playbook automation feature plays a critical role in doing so.

“We have a high volume of customers, so Vitally really helps us prioritize the work that we need to do,” said Jared. “What our team spends a lot of time on is putting customers in certain situations, certain scenarios, through playbooks that help us automate where we can automate.”

With Playbooks, the Customer Success team has been able to facilitate more engagement, increase feature usage and adoption, and better time communication with customers.

“We're definitely benefiting the most from playbooks. It just really automates the process and plugs CSMs in when they need to be and not in every single interaction. So that's been great,” said Jared. “I also really love that the playbooks are smart enough to know when an action occurs with an account, and it can pivot in the playbook based off of that action that was taken.”

By leveraging Vitally’s automation capabilities, the Customer Success team at CompanyCam is able to spend their time more efficiently. 

“Our CSMs are delivered tasks that they need to work on for the day based on what's going on with the account, whether they're healthy or not, whether they're using the app or not,” said Jared. “It's triggered by those warnings, those risk indicators, so they can just go ahead and reach out when they need to reach out. Then we can spend our time where we need to spend our time. It's made us way more efficient.”

When it comes to CompanyCam’s ROI in Vitally, Jared points to an early indicator of long-term success—their onboarding success rate.

“The amount of customers that are successfully getting through [onboarding] has gone up by three percentage points just in the first couple months. So, that's been really great to see,” said Jared. “A lot of those [metrics] I literally didn't have before Vitally so it's hard to compare it to something I wasn't even able to access, like the account health or the at-risk revenue.”

The TL;DR? Prior to implementing Vitally, CompanyCam’s Customer Success team was overwhelmed by the number of customers they needed to support. With Vitally, there’s been a sense of relief. 

“We feel relief from using Vitally. I was so overwhelmed before with the amount of customers that we have, and just trying to figure out where our time needs to be spent,” said Jared. “[Vitally] really helps me sleep better at night knowing that not only do we know who to reach out to, but Vitally is working with us in the background, and is helping customers that need help, even without us having to get super involved in every single case.”

Why CompanyCam Recommends Vitally to Other Customer Success Teams

  • Power and ease-of-use
  • Suited for all B2B Customer Success teams, regardless of size of customer base
  • Helps customers get the most value out of your software

CompanyCam has found success using Vitally to support their high-volume customer base, but regardless of the size of your customer base, Jared still recommends Vitally.

“I would definitely recommend vitally to any Customer Success team. If you have a lot of customers, Vitally is great. If you have a small number of customers, Vitally would be great,” said Jared. “I can't believe I was doing this job without a tool like Vitally before, and I will never do it again. I have just found so much value from Vitally, and I know it's going to help us do great things and help our customers get the most value out of our product.”

As for whether or not Vitally has helped CompanyCam solve the challenges that prompted their search for a Customer Success platform in the first place, their answer is, “definitely.”

“Our problems have definitely been solved with Vitally. I can now see exactly what's going on. We can automate action based on what our customers are doing,” said Jared. “Our CSMs feel way more empowered. They can now take a look at their book of business and know what's going on and know who needs their help.”

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