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Vitally Foundations

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Getting Started

Creating Workspaces with Hubs

Discover how to create workspaces for your different teams, customer segments, and beyond with Hubs.

Getting Started

How to Create a Hub

Learn how to create a new Hub in Vitally with this video walkthrough.

Getting Started

Visualizing Data with Views

Learn how to visualize your customer and activity data in Vitally with Views.

Getting Started

How to Create a View

Learn how to create a new View in Vitally with this video walkthrough.

Tracking Activities

Document Customer Interactions with Notes

Learn how to document your customer interaction in Vitally using Notes.

Tracking Activities

Keep Work on Track with Tasks

Learn how to manage your day-to-day and keep work on track using Tasks.

Tracking Activities

Keep Teams on Track with Projects

Learn how to use Projects to keep your team and customers on track towards their goals.

Tracking Activities

Creating Omnichannel Conversations

Learn how to create omnichannel conversations in Vitally using the Conversations feature.

Tracking Activities

Collaborating with Your Team & Customers with Docs

Learn how to create collaborative workspaces with your customers and share knowledge using Docs.


What are Playbooks

Discover the power of Playbooks to automate your Customer Success processes in Vitally.


How to Create a Playbook

Learn how to use Vitally’s automation feature, Playbooks.

Health & Reporting

What are Health Scores?

Learn about Vitally's dynamic Health Scoring feature.

Health & Reporting

How to Create a Health Score

See how to build Health Scores in Vitally.

Health & Reporting

What are Success Metrics?

Learn how to measure KPIs and more with custom Success Metrics.

Health & Reporting

What are Dashboards?

Discover how to create powerful Dashboards for reporting.

Interactive Product Tours

Take a self-guided tour of Vitally's platform


Create and manage workspaces that drive increase productivity and efficiency across your teams.

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Collaborate with customers in real-time, leveraging customer data and insights from Vitally.

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Health Scores

Achieve a more accurate picture of customer health. Create scores that dynamically change based on lifecycle stage, segmentation, and much more.

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Increase your CS team's productivity by automating account assignment, customer segmentation, and other day-to-day manual tasks.

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Track and stay ahead of customer needs while also keeping your organization informed on important updates.

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Calculated Traits

Unlock more ways for Customer Success teams to track and analyze customer data with Calculated Traits.

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