Create Custom Automation Paths with Branching Logic in Playbooks

In this update, we’re excited to share the launch of our fully redesigned Playbooks experience for enabling Customer Success teams to create seamless workflow automations.

As part of our redesign, we’re bringing a completely new, streamlined approach to building Playbooks in Vitally. This update includes the addition of powerful branching to create highly customized automations for meeting the unique needs of every Customer Success organization.

Customers can also leverage Playbooks to build automated conversation paths, helping Customer Success Managers send timely messages or take additional actions in Vitally based on your customer's interaction with the email sent.

To learn more about what has changed in Playbooks, continue reading below:

What’s New

Streamlined Builder

With this update, we’ve streamlined the Playbook building experience to improve the visibility of creating and managing your automation processes. 

Everything is now accessible from a single screen when accessing the Playbook Builder. Instead of walking through different screens for each step, users can build every component on top of one another. 

As you build your automation, you essentially have a blank canvas starting with a trigger on either an Account or User-based rules.

Once a trigger is selected, users can build their automation process by leveraging all their Vitally data, including integration data sources. From there, users can set the outcome of their automation using various built-in actions.

With an action selected, the automation can be complete. However, users can add further actions or use branching (more below) to create additional paths with actions of their own.

Powerful Branching Logic

For teams looking to build expansive automations, the new Visual Playbook Builder introduces branching logic, enabling teams to customize the flows of their automations for addressing several different outcomes.

The inclusion of branching logic also means teams can reduce the number of their overall Playbooks. For example, instead of using multiple Playbooks to assign new customers to specific plan types, teams can utilize branching to filter new customers into their correct plan from a single Playbook.

Action-Based Email Flows

In addition to creating automated email and conversation flows for streamlining customer interactions, users can also now build out actions based on what happens to a message after it is sent to a customer in the new Playbook Builder. 

For example, after sending an email to a customer, you can create unique paths for handling a wide range of outcomes, such as:

  • Email opened: Send the next email in a campaign
  • Email not opened: Re-send email after a designated time
  • Email replied to: Create a task for a CSM to respond
  • Email bounced: Create an indicator that an account is at-risk

Like with branching above, users can create additional paths for each outcome, delivering super powerful automation for scaling and managing Customer Success's timely and repetitive tasks.

Overview of Playbooks

Playbooks provide Vitally customers with a powerful automation builder to deliver proactive workflows for simplifying and scaling your Customer Success organization. For example, teams may build a Playbook for assigning a new CSM to an account and, once set, a Project with specific Tasks  to manage and complete.

Ready to Gain Back Hours of Work Time?

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