Instantly Improve Retention & Expansion Opportunities

A Vitally-powered Account Manager gets visibility into their accounts, forecasts revenue growth, and unlocks new expansion opportunities.

Make customers the center of your growth strategy

Enable your Account Manager team to focus on generating continuous growth with retention and revenue expansion.

Sync Your CRM

Keep Vitally and your dedicated CRM in-sync with active deals and renewals.

Drive Expansions

Create tailored health scores and real-time indicators to drive customers towards expansion.

Retain Relationships

Streamline collaboration between your Account Management team and customers to keep renewals on-track.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from them

"Vitally has solved the original problems we had, which was: understanding what our customer engagement is, how we're building our relationships with our customers, tracking who is in charge of particular accounts, and tracking how much they're paying."

Domila McFarlane - Customer Success Director, Grata

A Smarter Approach to Account Management

With Vitally, Account Managers get an all-in-one workspace built to optimize how you operate and scale your business.

Growth You Can Count On

Account Management is critical to your business. Vitally ensures your team has the tools necessary to provide best-in-class customer experiences for continuous growth and expansion.

Increase Team Productivity

Don’t let anything slow your team down. You can count on Vitally to give your Customer Success team all the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and quickly.

We Make Data Integration Easy

Stop jumping from tool-to-tool to understand your customers. With just a few clicks, instantly start piping in customer data from acro

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Personalize at Scale

Despite handling one-to-many customers, your team doesn't have to sacrifice experiences that make your customers feel special a

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