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Put your customer data at the heart of everything you do. Measure the entire customer journey with Health Scores and Reports for real-time business insight.

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Sync your tech stack with your book of business so you can identify trends, track customer events, and streamline your customer data visibility.

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Visibility Drives Success

Health Scores

Build Dynamic Health Scores

Achieve a more accurate picture of customer health with Health Scores, which dynamically adjust metrics and measurements based on lifecycle stage, segment, and more.

Data-Driven Customer Health

Build the most powerful Health Scores by leveraging any metric or data point in Vitally.

Segment with Specificity

Put an end to one-size-fits-all health scores. Create dynamic Health Scores that measure success along the customer journey.

Identify Changes in Health

Get alerted when a customer is at risk or becomes an opportunity while proactively setting your customers for continued success.

Reports & Dashboards

Supercharge Reporting

Ensure that you are on top of everything that your Customer Success organization is involved in, from keeping customers and KPIs on track to evaluating the performance of your team.

Track Business Success

Customize dashboards with powerful widgets, or integrate business insights from tools such as Looker.

Monitor Team Performance

Set KPIs and track the effectiveness of Customer Success Managers and other team members.

Success Metrics

Define Your KPIs

Success shouldn't be decided by your platform. Build custom Success Metrics to measure your customers the way your business defines success.

Measure Your Success

Create business-driven calculations to determine measurements of successful customer experiences.

Impact Results at Scale

Leverage real-time Automation to instantly capture and address critical changes in customer Success Metrics.

See What's Trending

Get an instant snapshot of a customer's history over any metric to see how their success is trending over any period of time.

Putting Customer Data at the Forefront of CS


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