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Track the KPIs that drive your business at every stage of the customer lifecycle with fully-customizable dashboards and out-of-the-box reporting.

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Active risk indicators - Vitally product elements

Create custom dashboards

Visualize customer data, health, and your team's work. Then, combine these insights in one dashboard and easily measure the impact your team is having on customer health.

Team reporting - Vitally product elements

Build the smartest customer success team

Assess the performance of your CSMs and wider team with customizable reports. See if they’re following the right processes and take action if they’re not.

Account segmentation - Vitally product elements
Retention rate and MRR - Vitally product elements

Track and segment the customer journey

Auto-segment your trials and customers into their lifecycle stage while building custom segments across any data point.

Optimize trials with analytics

Ensure your trial base continues to grow and yield a positive return with the only customer success platform with out-of-the-box trial analytics.

Average MRR per conversion - Vitally product elements

Fuel growth with lifecycle analytics

From total and new ARR to renewals and churn, measure the entire subscription lifecycle and keep close tabs on KPIs.

Net new revenue. Net new churn. - Vitally product image

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Martin Kõiva

"After implementing Vitally, expansion MRR definitely increased. It's this overwhelming feeling of relief that we have a complete customer picture with one click."

Mustafa Namoğlu
“We started to talk about data instead of personal guesses and personal wishes. It's always good to have those KPIs and data about the customers’ progress and success.”
Nick Raushenbush
“I have recommended Vitally to many leaders of Customer Success organizations because we have had such phenomenal results using it ourselves.”
Customer Success Director
Domila McFarlane
"Vitally has solved the original problem that we had which was, understanding what our customer engagement is, how we're building our relationships with our customers, tracking who is in charge of particular accounts, and tracking how much they're paying."
Director of Customer Success
Jared McCoskey
"With Vitally we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time. It's made us way more efficient."
Darren Chait
"The value Hugo is seeing since we have implemented Vitally is really just 'business value': it's more activated customers, better retained customers, happier and more satisfied customers, and in turn that means greater revenue."
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