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Turn your Customer Success team into a revenue and growth machine with powerful tools and automation to scale your business.
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Built for One-to-Many Customer Success

Whether you consider yourself low-touch or tech-touch, Vitally is built for enabling Product Led Growth CS teams to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.
Access Customer Data
Quickly access real-time data of every customer so CSMs can deliver seamless feedback, track customer journeys, and manage accounts at scale.
Automate CS Workflows
Eliminate repetitive day-to-day tasks with Playbooks to streamline your customer messaging, planning, and actions such as CSM assignment.
Grow Revenue and Retention
Monitor customer activity and trends to identify risks of churn, gain revenue at scale by auto-identifying expansion opportunities.
Customer 360º

Instantly Understand Your Book of Business

Vitally provides one-to-many Customer Success teams with a platform for seamlessly accessing all their customer data. No matter how your business and teams scale, Vitally is built to deliver real-time visibility into every customer.

Integrate customer data from across you entire tech stack
Track customers journeys and success milestones
Create custom views for your portfolio of customers
Build Health Scores to see a real-time picture of customers
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Perfectly Time the Right Conversation

Timing is everything. With Playbooks, Vitally empowers Customer Success teams to build proactive automations that can easily identify risks and opportunities amongst an ever-growing customerbase.

For low-touch CS teams looking to deliver high-touch experience, Playbooks can be used to create touchless nurture campaigns to deliver anything from onboarding to product education.

Custom branching to create highly custom automations
Auto-assign customers,  create and complete tasks, identify risks, and manage customer lifecycles
Automate customer conversations to keep customers informed and engaged
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Dashboards & Reporting

Unlock Insights for Limitless Growth

Analyzing data at scale can be a daunting task. Within Vitally, teams have access to powerful tools for building custom reports and dashboards.

CSMs can create dashboards to track their accounts and daily activities, while CS leaders can create thorough reports for driving insights back into the organization.

Out-of-the-box reports that analyze trends across revenue, NPS, and team performance
Create and share custom views of managed customers, churn risks, and up-sell opportunities
Build personal dashboards for staying on-track with daily activities and customer changes
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All Your Customer Data in One Place

Vitally unifies customer data from across your tech stack in a matter of minutes so you can proactively identify trends and leverage insights for a world-class customer experience. Think CRM, product analytics, support tickets, emails, NPS, and revenue data—all in one tab, all in real-time.

Unify customer data from:

And more!
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Loved by customers. Recognized leader in CS.

The most powerful Customer Teams are powered by Vitally

Sam Brown, VP Customer Success & Sales, Foleon

"Our retention is about 25% better, and expansion is 50% more. We have seen both CSAT and NPS increase substantially over the last 7 or 8 months since using Vitally."

Sam Brown, VP of Customer Success & Sales
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Natalie Onions, VP of Customers,

"Return on investment we have had from Vitally has been pretty massive."

Natalie Onions, VP of Customers
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John Henwood, Senior Director of Customer Success, Productboard

"We reduced gross churn by 50% throughout the year with Vitally."

John Henwood, Senior Director of Customer Success
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