Build remarkably accurate customer health scores

Create and manage the overall picture of your customers’ health with extraordinary precision.

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Get specific with segmentation

Each customer segment is unique, so why score them all the same way? Create different health score equations with custom metrics and weights for each segment—from SMB to enterprise, and onboarding to renewal.

Uncover your customers' true health score

The customer journey is complex and a single health score doesn't cut it. Track multiple metrics—even the unconventional ones—at your accounts to gain clear visibility into a customer's success across multiple facets.

A health scoring model that's anything but binary

Our proprietary health scoring model allows Customer Success teams to track an account's overall health score using a weighted average of each individual health score you create.

Overall customer health

Minimize risks, maximize opportunities

Get automated alerts the moment a customer is a risk or an opportunity. Proactively manage even your healthiest customers with static and dynamic thresholds.

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Customer Success Manager
Diego ‘Colo’ Ventura

“Of the Customer Success tools that I’ve tried, Vitally is the one that spoke the most to the Customer Success Manager in me.”

VP of Customers
Natalie Onions
"When we think about the number of contracts we have been able to renew due to those reminders and Playbooks, I think the return on investment we have had from Vitally has been pretty massive."
Mustafa Namoğlu
“We started to talk about data instead of personal guesses and personal wishes. It's always good to have those KPIs and data about the customers’ progress and success.”
Darren Chait
"The value Hugo is seeing since we have implemented Vitally is really just 'business value': it's more activated customers, better retained customers, happier and more satisfied customers, and in turn that means greater revenue."
Director of Customer Success
User Interviews
Hope Supernic
"Our team now really works solely out of Vitally. Instead of being in our inbox all day, we're able to be proactive."
Customer Success and Experience Team Lead
Amelia Mehaffey
“One of my goals that I wanted to achieve in bringing Vitally on was helping my CS team become a revenue driving team, and we are well on track to do that at this point. We're seeing an increase in customer renewal deals converting. We're seeing an increase in expansion revenue, and again, that all goes back to having Vitally, and having a place to manage those processes.”
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