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Boost team productivity while reducing the busy work. With Vitally, your team can focus on the tasks and work that matter while powerful automation takes care of the routine stuff.

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Success Built Your Way

Do all your work where your customer data lives. Build your customer data Hubs with any collection of Views to maximize productivity.

Productivity Meets Flexibility

Project Management

Progress Makes Perfect

Stay ahead of mission-critical tasks to complete projects that keep customers on track throughout key milestones in the customer journey.

Build Templates to Manage Projects at Scale

Create custom templates to replicate your processes so your team delivers consistent customer experiences.

Collaborate on Tasks & Goals

Embed Projects into Docs so customers can view and complete tasks while helping to improve collaboration and efficiency.

Automate Customer Journeys

Powerful automation creates, tracks, and marks tasks as done to seamlessly move customers onto the next task.

Internal Knowledge

Stay on the Same Page

There is no one size fits all solution to Customer Success. With Vitally, get an all-in-one workspace built to optimize how you operate and scale your business.

Create Internal Notes

Plan how your team will guide conversations while tracking important updates and logging customer interactions.

Build an Internal Knowledge Base

Stay on top of all the critical knowledge that keeps your entire team on the same page, such as organization details, processes, and best practices.


Prioritize Work — Automate the Rest

Utilize powerful workflows to free your team from repetitive, routine tasks so they can devote their attention to what is most important.

Put Your Data on Autopilot

Increase your Customer Success team's productivity by automating account assignment, customer segmentation, and other day-to-day manual tasks.

Scale Your Workflows

Utilize powerful branching logic to plan for a wide variety of outcomes using the same set of filters within an Automation workflow.

Stay Informed in Real Time

Proactively detect customer churn or new expansion opportunities with real-time indicators and alerts.

Making Customer Success More Efficient

Increase CSM Productivity

With Vitally, Monkeylearn was able to quickly jump into a platform that enabled CSMs to be CSMs.

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