Avoma Overcomes Customer Data Fragmentation with Vitally

Who is Avoma?

Mark Stagi, Vice President of Customer Success @ Avoma

Avoma is an end-to-end AI meeting assistant for customer-facing teams. Its AI-powered technology is trusted by hundreds of teams at Orum, LeanData, Athelas and beyond, to capture important information from every customer interaction with features like collaborative note-taking, automatic recording and transcription, CRM integrations, and so much more. 

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Fighting Fragmentation: The Challenges

  • Manually performing Customer Success reporting, workflows, and other operations was time-consuming. 
  • Lack of connection and cohesiveness between multiple tools and customer data sources.
  • Playbooks in place didn't work well for the team, and CSMs were more reactive to customer needs rather than proactive. 

Before using Vitally, Avoma's Customer Success team used Google Sheets to track their customers, their tech stack was not cohesive, and they needed a more structured Customer Success strategy.

“Prior to using Vitally, we didn't have any Customer Success platform in place. We were doing everything manually, and we were just starting to build out a CS team and our CS playbooks," said Mark Stagi, VP of Customer Success at Avoma."There were a  lot of tools that the team was using, but it was really fractured, and nothing was cohesive. We had to use multiple tools just to find the answer to one simple question." 

The lack of connection between tools and data sources was very time-consuming for the team, so naturally, there was little time for CSMs to stay proactive with customer needs. 

"It would take the CSMs a lot of time to find what they needed. Due to that, we really didn't have the time to be proactive in nature. And on top of that, we didn't have the right playbooks in place," said Mark when speaking about Avoma’s customer data being spread across different sources. “Our small team was extremely reactive with customer needs."

Another major repercussion of fragmented data sources and tools was the challenge of understanding customer usage within the product. Manually creating reports from the data they could source was not as accurate as it could have been, which made it challenging to drive product adoption to the right customer base. 

"We'd have to walk through multiple tools and stitch together data to somewhat understand customer usage,”Said Mark.here was never a way to see, for example, if a customer was under utilizing one of our key parts of the platform. To know that information, we would, again, have to go to about three or four different places, but even then, we still never had a comprehensive view on what [customers] were really doing."

Time is of the Essence: The Solution

  • Finding a platform to house all playbooks, processes, and documentation for Avoma’s Customer Success org. 
  • Utilizing a tool with a quick onboarding, implementation, and integration process to see time to value from day one.
  • Put more time and control back into the hands of CSMs so they can be proactive in addressing their customer's needs and succeed in setting expectations and meeting goals. 

Experiencing skyrocketing growth without the proper Customer Success processes in place had its consequences.

"It was impacting the performance of the company in one key way; we weren't able to drive the right adoption within our user base," Mark said. "We didn't know where the adoption gaps were. We were just playing catch up, trying to make sure that we were solving problems as they came up." 

Reactively solving problems wasn't going to cut it. As previously noted, Avoma was at the beginning stages of establishing its CS team and processes and needed a solution to help with that. 

“There was really nothing set up at the point that I joined,” said Mark. “So when I joined, there was so much work to be done. We were scaling like crazy. We were hiring a ton. We had new customers signing up by the day. We really had no visibility into what was going on."

When Mark was brought on as VP of Customer Success at Avoma, they were, as he described, "flying completely blind" with "no visibility into the health of our customers." On top of that, their CS org was against the clock needing to get a tool up and running quickly to match the pace the company was scaling.

"I knew that we really needed to get some process in place," said Mark when talking about the first steps Avoma had to take to get their CS org established. "I also knew we needed playbooks in place, and we needed tools in place." 

Time was of the essence for Avoma with its rapid growth. Therefore, time to value was a critical component of whatever solution they chose.

In greater detail, Mark explained that he wanted to get all of the playbooks, tools, and CS processes done "all at the same time." But, he also added, "I wanted to bring in a tool that we could use right away and could also help get our playbooks and processes documented." 

The PLG-driven approach of the Vitally platform matched that of Avoma, sealing company approval across the board.

"We're a very product-led growth company," said Mark. "There were a lot of similarities in how we do business and how we saw Vitally approaching the problems that Customer Success has." 

When deciding on a solution, the ease of setup with Vitally was a huge enablement piece for Avoma. 

“There was not a ton of work to put into the integration side," said Mark., "Plus, there was just this focus on the end-user experience, and not an overly engineered [or] top heavy enterprise kind of style platform, so ultimately that really resonated with us."

Mark was able to put together all the connections to bring the right data in, get all the views they needed, the dashboards they needed, and a health score put together all in the first week. “It gave me a huge sense of security," said Mark.  

With all of their tools integrated into one platform, doors opened for the CSMs, allowing for experimentation and effective management of their customers. 

“My team is really enabled to own their portfolio,” said Mark.“They'll do small campaigns; they'll spin up tests on messaging, and they can do it very quickly without much training and enablement. They can hit the ground running and make a measurable difference in their accounts."

With more time back in their day, Avoma's CSMs can finally be more proactive with their customers by having real-time access to customer data and health scores in the Vitally platform. 

“[CSMs] can see what their customer's needs are, what their usage looks like, and how they deliver the right message to them at the right time," said Mark. “As a result, their CSMs can be effective in what they are saying and providing to their customers.his level of proactiveness is all possible because of automation and playbooks that we built into Vitally indicators, so as things are going either up or down, that kicks off the right type of messaging that the CSM should reach out with." 

Now entirely up and running with Vitally, Avoma clearly understands its product usage more than ever and has comprehensive insight into its customer base. 

"We've been using Vitally for a while, and I think we are really confident with our insight into who our customers are, how they're using us, when we need to get in touch with them, and know how we can optimize the customer journey and the customer experience," said Mark.

Ultimately, Mark and the Avoma Customer Success team have peace of mind knowing they have reached, if not exceeded, their desired outcome with Vitally. 

"The initial outcome I had for Vitally was to have a tool that keeps all of our data in one place," says Mark. “We wanteda single source of truth that enables the CS team to do what they love to do, which is engaging with customers and driving business value and business outcomes for customers.[With Vitally]'m confident that we're hitting that goal or even exceeding that goal." 

Why Avoma Recommends Vitally to Other Customer Success Teams

  • Simple integrations with any existing tech stack.
  • One platform, one single source of truth for all customer data.
  • Easy-to-use UI and platform.

When it came down to choosing the right platform for them, Vitally checked off all of the boxes for Avoma. Mark recommends Vitally to any CS leader out there.

It's a very easy-to-use platform, the integrations are quick, and you can get access to your data right away," says Mark. “Plus, Vitally is a platform that the CS team enjoys using. Vitally is the answer for CS leaders looking for something that they can hit the ground with and make an impact with right away.”

Avoma's Customer Success team enjoys using the Vitally platform and thoroughly embraces the power of data flowing in it, making them better prepared for working with new and existing customers. 

"The team is now enabled to do good work and to build on what they need to focus on without being distracted." Mark explains how the team is no longer "going into a call without knowing what the customer is really doing, without having a true pulse on their business. With Vitally, we're now armed with a lot more data, so we can go into calls prepared and with a plan ahead of us." 

The ultimate question: Does Avoma recommend Vitally? The answer is yes. And if Mark's improved sleeping schedule isn't telling of that, then we don’t know what is. 

"I can sleep at night [with Vitally] because now we can focus on what we love to do, which is talking to customers and driving that value, and not trying to figure out exactly how they're using us and what features are getting used or not. That's all at our fingertips right now."

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