Scale Customer Success operations with automation

Maximize your team’s bandwidth and automate exceptional customer experiences with Playbooks.

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Put workflows on autopilot

Multiply your team's output ten-fold, without adding headcount, using automated workflows.

Intelligent customer assignment

Dynamically assign ownership of any customer from a pool of CSMs and ensure workloads are balanced.

Dynamic task assignment

Guarantee everyone on your team focuses their efforts on the right tasks at the right times.

Quarterly check-in

Execute customer engagement with ease

Time customer engagement efforts to a T and improve customer outreach.

Automated, personalized emails

Auto-schedule editable, personalized conversations with the right users at the right accounts.

NPS surveys

Automatically trigger in-app NPS surveys to fire when a health score changes or customers meet another pre-defined condition.

Minimize churn, maximize upsells

 Automatically alert your team to customers in opportunity or risk states.

Risk and opportunity alerts

Indicators allow you to automatically detect inactivity and high-potential trials.

Account segmentation without limits

Auto-organize customers across dozens of data points and compare MRR, churn, product usage, and more.

Managed account customer view - Vitally product elements

See the features that have leading Customer Success teams switching to Vitally

Martin Kõiva

"After implementing Vitally, expansion MRR definitely increased. It's this overwhelming feeling of relief that we have a complete customer picture with one click."

Customer Success Manager
Diego ‘Colo’ Ventura
“Of the Customer Success tools that I’ve tried, Vitally is the one that spoke the most to the Customer Success Manager in me.”
Nick Raushenbush
“I have recommended Vitally to many leaders of Customer Success organizations because we have had such phenomenal results using it ourselves.”
VP of Sales and Success
Syed Asad
"If we don't give Customer Success teams all the ammunition they need to actually go ahead and help customers, the whole idea behind having a Success team is just moot."
Director of Customer Success
User Interviews
Hope Supernic
"Our team now really works solely out of Vitally. Instead of being in our inbox all day, we're able to be proactive."
VP Customer Success & Sales
Sam Brown
"Within the first day, we were already able to see insights we had never been able to see before. Our retention is about 25% better, and expansion is 50% more. We have seen both CSAT and NPS increase substantially over the last 7 or 8 months since using Vitally."
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