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Simply submit the information of the Customer Success decision-maker you'd like to refer to the form above, and if they turn into an opportunity* or a Vitally customer, you'll receive:

$500 USD

For referred companies that become opportunities*.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate if I’m not a Vitally user?
Yes! Customer or not, we welcome anyone spreading the word to participate in the referral program.
How can I track the status of my referral?
You’ll receive an email notification when you first submit your referral, and will receive additional updates via email as the status of your referral progresses.
What counts as a successful referral?
A successful referral requires that you introduce Vitally to someone who can make decisions about Customer Success at a third party company. This means you cannot refer yourself or someone else at the company you work for.
What kind of company would be considered a good company to refer?
A B2B SaaS company with more than 10 full-time employees that expresses clear intent to purchase a Customer Success platform within the next 60 days.
Why was my referral denied?
Unfortunately, if your referral is not a good fit (see what kind of company would be considered a good company to refer), is already in the process of purchasing Vitally, decided not to join Vitally, was already a Vitally customer, or if your referral had already been referred by someone else you are not eligible for the referral bonus.
Is there a limit on the number of companies I can refer?
Nope! You may refer as many companies as you’d like.
My referral joined Vitally! Where is my referral bonus?
If it has been more than 30 days since we notified you that your referral bonus is being processed, please send us an email at
How does a company I refer become an opportunity*?
To qualify as an Opportunity, a referral must meet the following criteria: 1) A *company* providing B2B software solution with more than 10 full-time employees; 2) A *contact* with decision-making seniority in the Customer Success organization; 3) The contact *completes a discovery call*; 4) *expresses clear intent* to purchase as Customer Success platform within 90 days.
How will I get paid?
You’ll be paid via digital Visa eGift Card delivered through Postal.
When do I receive my referral bonus?
Vitally will issue the referral bonus to you within 30 days of the deal associated with your referral closing.
When should my company adopt a dedicated Customer Success Platform?
The short answer is as soon as possible. The Customer Success Tool your company chooses will be your single source of truth for customer data and insights.
How does a Customer Success Platform differ from Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
Unlike a CRM, a CS platform covers the entire customer life cycle—not just the transaction sales pipeline. Like a CRM, a robust CS platform will feature automation efficiencies and data analytics tools, but unlike a CRM, these features will be geared toward monitoring customer health, nurturing the customer relationship, and ensuring customers can succeed with your products.

Experts say it best

“We’re the CRM for car washes, but we need the CRM for Customer Success.”

Henry Simon
Customer Success Manager

“Being able to have everything in one location really lets us compare the success and effectiveness of the entire team.”

Eleah Steinberg
Technical Enablement Specialist

“I 100% think Vitally helps with the productivity of my [Customer Success] team.”

Jide Adebayo
Director of Customer Success

“What makes Vitally different is how you can parse all that data. The views are so powerful, [telling] me everything I need to know in one single click.”

Star Hofer
Former Chief Customer Officer

"Our team now really works solely out of Vitally. Instead of being in our inbox all day, we're able to be proactive."

Hope Supernic
Director of Customer Success

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