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Keep your team and customers on the same page with data-powered collaboration. Stay aligned on impactful business objectives and essential tasks to succeed together.

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A Smarter Way to Work Together

Create and share personalized workspaces powered by customer data. Docs makes it easy for Customer Success teams and their customers to collaborate and achieve goals together.

Don't Compromise on Customer Experience

Doc Templates

Accelerate Collaboration

Make it easy for your team to collaborate with customers faster by creating Doc templates. Simply apply the template to any Doc to fill in the details, including Projects, Tasks, and attachments.

Document Customer Experiences

Docs can be used to collaborate with your customers at any point in the customer journey. Build the perfect onboarding guidelines, detailed notes for renewal, or share general information about your team, product, or processes.

Auto-Create Projects and Tasks

Keep your team and customers aligned on important tasks towards reaching successful outcomes. Doc templates streamline responsibility assignment by automatically applying members of your team, as well as customers, to individual tasks.

See a Blueprint for Success

Discover Blueprints to learn how Customer Success thought-leaders are using Vitally Docs to maximize their customer collaboration.


Engage in Real-Time

Seamlessly connect all your conversation tools into a single tab to consolidate customer interactions.

Unify All Your Inboxes

Connect your business inbox and ticketing tools to seamlessly manage customer interactions from start to finish.

Make Conversations Smarter

Enrich conversations with customer traits and insights to easily scale messages while delivering a personalized experience.

Team Collaboration

Success for Everyone

Bring every team from across your business into Vitally to better understand customers and their experiences. From product and engineering to sales and marketing, Vitally gives you a single place to work towards business success.

Work Together Towards Solutions

Discussions enable cross-functional communication across your organization so teams can seamlessly work together on customer experiences. From sharing feedback on customer needs to addressing blockers, Vitally enables you to centralize your customer conversations in one place.

Build Team-Focused Hubs

Give each of your teams a dedicated workspace powered by customer data for managing Projects, Documents, and Dashboards relevant to their team.

Collaborate on Success

Dive Deeper Into Docs

Learn more about how Vitally Docs enable seamless collaboration between Customer Success teams and their customers.

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