User Interviews' Post-Sales Handoff Template

Check out how Christy from User Interviews welcomes and onboards customers at scale with their Post-Sales Handoff Blueprint.

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About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

The handoff from Sales to Customer Success is a crucial part of the customer journey. It’s important to welcome your new customers as soon as possible and ensure they have a great onboarding experience moving forward.

With Conversation Templates, Customer Success teams can streamline the post-sales process and standardize customer communication across the organization.

Christy Banasihan, the Lead Customer Success Manager at User Interviews, uses this Post-Sales Handoff Blueprint to efficiently welcome and onboard new customers at scale.

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When to use a Post-Sales Handoff Blueprint

You can use this Blueprint as inspiration for your onboarding emails whenever an account transitions from Sales to Customer Success. This Blueprint is ideal for teams who operate with a Hybrid or High Touch Customer Success model, where accounts have a 1:1 relationship with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Christy’s template includes an example introduction, a call to action (schedule a call through the calendar link), and an outline of goals and next steps for the customer.

KPIs Impacted
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score
  • Product Adoption Rate
  • Customer Engagement
What data points or information will you need to complete or add?

Many organizations will share a similar goal when it comes to onboarding new customers, but the information presented will vary. You can use this Post-Sales Handoff Blueprint as an idea of where to start, and simply fill in the details to match your product and team’s onboarding process.

With Conversation templates, you can input Account and User Variables which are customer data points that automatically fill in when the email is sent. This way, you can create an email campaign to get new customers up and running at scale, or you can even personalize the messaging based on your segmentation strategy.

How can you customize this for other use cases?

This Post-Sales Handoff Blueprint uses Vitally Conversation Templates and User Variables (i.e., “Full Name”). All of these elements are customizable and can be edited to fit your particular use case and industry. For example, a User Variable you can pull into Conversations is “Last Seen” which tracks when a user was last active in your product. If they haven’t been active lately, you could send an email referencing their “Last Seen” date and offer any resources they need to re-engage with the product.

To make the Sales to CS Handoff process even more of a breeze, you could set up a Vitally Playbook to automatically send this handoff Conversation Template to customers. You could then trigger an Onboarding project for the CSM to complete.

About User Interviews

Founded in 2015, User Interviews provides fast, affordable recruiting for UX research insights. From cutting edge startups to well-established enterprises that value customer insight, thousands of teams rely on User Interviews to fuel their growth and innovation through fast access to quality participants.

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