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Vitally vs. Totango

Explore the reasons today’s Customer Success Leaders are choosing Vitally over Totango.



Streamline your Customer Success organization with powerful automation. Assign customers, create projects, close tasks, and so much more.



Work with customers on mutual success plans, share progress towards goals, dynamically update customer data, and much more with Vitally Docs.

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Design focused Hubs to tailor your Customer Success Platform to the specific needs of your Customer Success team and outcomes.

Your Tech Stack Thrives in Vitally

Use our plug-and-play integrations to easily sync and update data over time without the need for ongoing developer resources.

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“Vitally has been adopted org-wide – used by multiple departments across Apollo. It’s our source-of-truth reporting for many of our OKRs, and we use it to drive initiatives forward.”

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Linnea Olson

Customer Success Operations Manager

6 Reasons Teams Choose Vitally

There’s a lot to like with Vitally. Here are a few highlights in how we stack up with Totango.

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Get More Done — A Lot More

Vitally’s Playbook automation builder can be built off of 7 different triggers and deliver outcomes with 13 actions. With powerful branching, teams can handle CSM assignment, project creation, email delivery, task completion, and much more from a single Playbook.


Totango's SuccessPlays let you automate only 6 different actions based on 3 triggers - half as many as Vitally's Playbooks. Additionally, email management is completely separate, so you'll have to spend more time and effort managing fragmented workflows in Totango.

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Organize Your Work & Data

Vitally is the only Customer Success Platform that offers dedicated Hubs for organizing all your work and data. Create Hubs for onboarding, renewals, or just your day-to-day!


There’s no way to organize your work and data by focus area (CS motion, team, lifecycle stage, etc.) in Totango. Everything has to be mixed together in one experience for everyone.

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Track Your Strategies at Scale

Vitally Goals enable you to automatically track the success of your strategies and activities. Create Goal Templates and automate Goal-setting in Playbooks to standardize and continuously improve your processes.


Totango doesn’t offer any operational goal tracking features.

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Collaboration Powered by Data

With Vitally Docs, your Customer Success team and your customers can easily collaborate and reach goals together. Enrich your experiences with real-time data, including Projects, Tasks, customer data, PDF files, videos, and more.


There is no collaboration in Totango's Customer Portal; you can only share and assign Tasks to customers. Former Totango users have also expressed that success planning can be cumbersome to map together.

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Visualize Data Your Way

Vitally is flexible with what you can do with your data. There are many data visualizations, such as Tables, Kanban Boards, Dashboards, Collaborative Documents, Task-based Projects, and Account 360s to choose from.


In Totango, end users are limited in the Views that they can create and customize. To make any changes to your navigation experience, you’d need to tap in an admin for help.

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Workflows & Processes

Document & Execute Team Strategies

With Vitally, create a repository of team processes, workflows, and strategies that reside on the same platform where your customer data lives. This allows teams to use data to inform decisions and to fully manage projects and strategic goals.


Totango doesn’t provide tools for managing your internal processes, workflows, and strategies. Instead, these happen outside of Totango and disconnect from your customer data.

There’s Even More to Vitally 
That Totango Can’t Do

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Custom Surveys

Vitally features a built-in tool for sending rich customized surveys to gather customer feedback for CSAT, NPS, and much more.

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HubSpot Sync

Vitally’s flexible, bi-directional HubSpot sync covers a wider range of data points compared to Totango’s limited HubSpot sync.

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Observer Seats

Take advantage of unlimited Observer Seats with Vitally. Totango’s Viewer Seats are an added cost, limiting organization-wide access to customer insights.

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Open APIs

Vitally’s robust APIs allow you to easily import and export customer data as needed. Totango’s APIs for getting data out the platform are much more limited.

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Knowledge Base

Vitally enables teams to create a unified platform for hosting and managing their internal processes and documentation. Totango does not.

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Intercom Sync

Vitally offers a bi-directional sync with Intercom where teams can view and respond to chats. Totango’s Intercom integration is read-only.

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