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Vitally vs. Planhat

Explore the reasons today’s Customer Success Leaders are choosing Vitally over Planhat.



No matter your plan type, Vitally gives you and your team complete access to the Vitally platform unlike Planhat's Basic, Professional, and Enterprise tiers.



Streamline your Customer Success organization with powerful automation. Assign customers, create projects, close tasks, and so much more.

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Design focused Hubs to tailor your Customer Success Platform to the specific needs of your Customer Success team and outcomes.

Your Tech Stack Thrives in Vitally

We’ve got plug-and-play integrations that you are in full control of.

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Did You Know: Planhat Doesn’t Support Billing like Stripe, Recurly, and Chargebee.

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“I have recommended Vitally to many leaders of Customer success organizations because we have had such phenomenal results using it ourselves.”

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6 Reasons Teams Choose Vitally

There’s a lot to like with Vitally. Here are a few highlights in how we stack up with Planhat.

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01 Hubs vs Folders

Organize Your Work & Data

Vitally is the only Customer Success Platform that offers dedicated Hubs for organizing all your work and data. Create Hubs for onboarding, renewals, or just your day-to-day!


With Planhat, customers can organize their platform experience with Folders and filters. However, those Folders can only contain table and board views. Planhat doesn't have a way to add their Portals or other view types to a Folder.

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Visualize Data Your Way

Vitally is flexible with what you can do with your data. There are many data visualizations, such as Tables, Kanban Boards, Dashboards, Collaborative Documents, Task-based Projects, and Account 360s to choose from.


There are only four basic view types in Planhat: tables, boards, dashboards, Portals, and account 360.

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03 Docs vs Portals

Collaboration Powered by Data

With Vitally Docs, your Customer Success team and your customers can easily collaborate and reach goals together. Enrich your experiences with real-time data, including Projects, Tasks, customer data, PDF files, videos, and more.


While Planhat offers a Portals feature similar to Vitally Docs, it has a significant limitation by lacking the ability to pull in real-time customer data to a Portal. Information entered into the Portal also cannot automatically update on the Account details.

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04 Automation

Get More Done — A Lot More

Vitally’s Playbook automation builder can be built off of 7 different triggers and deliver outcomes with 13 actions. With powerful branching, teams can handle CSM assignment, project creation, email delivery, task completion, and much more from a single Playbook.


The Planhat platform only supports automation for 6 different actions. It also lacks branching logic, making automation more complex to build at scale. Planhat Basic plan customers can only leverage single-step automation.

05 Notes

Keep Real-Time Details

Vitally Notes are a powerful way to track your latest calls and interactions with your customers. Create Note templates with designated tasks and data fields for capturing critical information for tracking the customer journey, health scores, and much more.


Planhat notes lack editable task fields and customer data points requiring the end user to make updates outside of the note.

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06 Workflows & Processes

Document & Execute Team Strategies

With Vitally, create a repository of team processes, workflows, and strategies that reside on the same platform where your customer data lives. This allows teams to use data to inform decisions and to fully manage projects and strategic goals.


Planhat doesn’t provide tools for managing your internal processes, workflows, and strategies. Instead, these happen outside of Planhat and disconnects from your customer data.

There’s Even More to Vitally 
That Planhat Can’t Do

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Create dynamic Goals to track and measure the success of your desired outcomes. Planhat does not offer any goal tracking.

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Custom Surveys

Vitally features a built-in tool for sending customized surveys to gather customer feedback. Planhat does not.

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Success Metrics

Easily create data calculations with no coding. Just select your data points and Vitally will measure it. Planhat requires SQL-like coding.

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Set up triggers to indicate churn risks and expansion opportunities wherever your accounts are. Planhat does not.

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HubSpot Deals

Vitally has a bidirectional sync with HubSpot for Deals and Notes, keeping your CSP and CRM aligned. Planhat only supports one-way syncing.

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Knowledge Base

Vitally enables teams to create a unified platform for hosting and managing their internal processes. Planhat does not.

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