Introducing Boards: Prioritize Tasks and Custom Objects Across Your Work and Customers

At Vitally, Customer Success teams have several different ways to organize and visualize their customer data and work. With Views, Vitally users leverage various layouts to get a deeper look into all the information they have on their customers and team activities.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Boards, a new View type that allows CS teams to create Kanban-style, drag-and-droppable views for easier task management and beyond. 

With Boards, teams can now visualize their tasks and more in a single glance. Need to quickly reassign a task to another teammate? Simply drag and drop the task from one column to another, and the task is automatically reassigned. Boards also work with all Custom Objects, and more functionality will be available in the coming months for Accounts, Users, and all other native Vitally objects.

How Boards Work

Just like the other View types in Vitally, Boards can be added to a Hub to surface the right insights to the right people. To make things easier, users can set Hubs to only show their data, making it faster and easier to manage their Boards at scale.

Boards add even more flexibility to your object management in Vitally, providing a simple out-of-the-box solution for visualizing and moving data across categories. 

To get started, create a new Board by adding it to an existing Hub, and select the data source you want to visualize. Add columns to further organize the items in the Board, and use filters to get even more granular with your data. From there, you can drag and drop items from one column to another to seamlessly reassign them or change their category.

Here are a few of the notable possibilities for what you can achieve with Boards:

  • Manage Tasks by team members: Need insights into how many open tasks each member of your team has? Create a Board to get a quick and easy visual of tasks across teammates, and drag and drop tasks to reassign them as needed if someone is out of office.
  • Organize Tasks across your book of business: If you’re a CSM, managing tasks across your entire book of business can be overwhelming at times, and things can slip through the cracks. Creating a Board to visualize and manage tasks across your different owned accounts makes it easy to keep on top of all your to-dos in one place.
  • Visualize Opportunities throughout your pipeline: Using Custom Objects to bring deal information into Vitally from your CRM? Boards help you visualize Opportunities or Deals across your pipeline and even move a deal from one stage to the next by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Manage Tasks by status: Creating a Board View of Tasks grouped by status gives you a birds-eye view of all Tasks to see what's in progress, not started, and completed. Simply drag and drop a Task to its new status as you and your team work through daily to-do's.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re new to Vitally, schedule a demo to learn how Boards and the other powerful features of Vitally can boost your Customer Success productivity.

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