Introducing Docs: Customer Collaboration Powered by Customer Data

Vitally Docs enables Customer Success teams to create dedicated workspaces for seamless collaboration with customers while leveraging and powering data that allows teams to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Today's Customer Success teams continue to strive for better ways to collaborate with their customers. However, there is still a disconnect between the spaces where these teams interact and the data that helps them make informed decisions that ultimately lead to success in achieving shared goals.

Our team is excited to announce the launch of Docs, a collaborative workspace for Customer Success teams and their customers powered by Vitally data to drive transparency and impactful business outcomes.

Continue reading to learn more about what you and your team can do with Docs.

Collaborate with Purpose

At its core, Docs is your Customer Success team's dedicated space to collaborate with their customers throughout their customer journey. Sharing details to enable best practices during stages like onboarding, gathering critical customer information, and staying on track with tasks and projects are just a few things your team can accomplish with this new product.

Unlike many other collaboration tools — whether a dedicated piece of collaborative software or simply a messaging platform — Docs is truly special for Customer Success teams because it is collaboration built on top of your customer data.

That means that your Docs are not just a collection of words and checklists but are living documents surfacing real-time data and insights to and from the Vitally platform. 

For your Customer Success team, you can get more done in tandem with your customers. And for your customers, this means unprecedented transparency into what can ultimately make them the most successful with your product.

The Power of Docs

With our dynamic word processing platform, you can create Docs with a wide range of different objects to create truly unique customer experiences.

The Basics

While maybe not the most exciting part of Docs, we feel it’s still important to cover some of the basic word processing tools you can use to organize your customer collaboration. These include heading sizes, paragraph text, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and uploading images or files. 


There’s no need to start from scratch every time you need to collaborate. With Docs, you can proactively create templates to ensure consistent experiences with every customer. Simply click the templates button in the top right corner and select the template you’d like to use from the right-side menu. 


Docs are built for ultimate collaboration. And nothing says collaboration more than commenting. From any object inside a Doc, teams and their collaborators can add comments, as well as tag others to get feedback or closure.

Projects & Tasks

Vitally users are familiar with our powerful project management capabilities. These Projects and individual Tasks, which can be used to keep track of tasks and milestones, can now be embedded directly into a Doc. 

Additionally, teams can now assign an individual task to an external team, which gives them the ability to view and mark those tasks as complete on their own. What this means for your team is that you can leverage the newfound autonomy of your customers to then automate actions throughout the customer journey. 

For example, you may have a customer complete various tasks during an onboarding project. Once they have completed those, you can automate the change in their customer segmentation, triggering a new set of tasks.

Embeddable Variables and Traits

With 20+ integrations, Vitally is rich with customer data from across your tech stack. In addition to external data, Vitally also has a wide variety of data points and custom traits for Customer Success teams to use in order to truly understand and build deep profiles of their customers.

In Docs, users can embed variables and traits directly inline with their content, allowing users to surface information such as Health Scores, plan types, and important dates along the customer journey. Additionally, these can then update data inside of Vitally.

For example, teams can set a trait to collect information needed to set up an account properly. Using Vitally’s custom traits feature, users can choose from various fields to properly collect the required data. From there, the customer can fill out this data at their convenience, which will apply to the account. It can also trigger follow-up actions using Vitally’s Playbook automation tool.

Since this is customer data that impacts the experience within Vitally, users can surface important data, while also controlling the editing capabilities of any specific trait. For example, you may want to surface pricing or a plan that the customer has, but don’t necessarily want the customer to be able to choose their price (although, all the power to you if you would).

Access Granted

One of the most critical aspects of collaboration is the ability to share. Not only have we made it easy for you to share a Doc with your customers, but we also have made it secure so that not just anyone can access your shared workspace.

For someone to access a Doc from outside of your Vitally account, they will need an invite from a team member and have direct access to that email. From there, only that user can access the Doc via that link. If you ever need to revoke access, remove that user from the Doc, and their link will no longer work. 

How Teams Can Use Docs

There are endless possibilities for Customer Success teams to use Docs to better collaborate with their customers. Some examples include:

  • Success Plans: Use custom fields to gather information — such as goals, objectives, and measurements of success — from your customers that can apply to their Customer 360º in Vitally.
  • Onboarding: Share new customers on a Doc that guides them through properly being onboarded while staying on track with shared goals and tasks.
  • Adoption: Enable your customers to adopt your platform further with best practices and steps to reach their goals and objectives.
  • Business Reviews: Help prepare your customers for continued success and have the insights to make a case to renew with your product.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Create shareable documents with internal knowledge that can enable teams to know how to use your product as well as onboard their own teams.

These are just a few of the ways teams can put collaboration to work with Vitally Docs. We’re excited to learn how you apply them to your Customer Success operations.

Get Started with Docs 

Docs are available starting today for all Vitally customers. If you’re interested in learning more about how your team can become more collaborative with your customers while putting your customer data to work, request a demo with one of our experts today!

To learn more about Docs, visit our Help Center.

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