Fresh Out of the Lab: Vitally’s A.I.-Powered First Call Success Generator

As a Customer Success Manager, the first call is everything.

A productive call with a new customer sets the stage for a lasting relationship. An awkward, misaligned call gets you off on the wrong foot, sometimes permanently.

Fortunately, we just released something that will take the pressure off, and help you start every new customer call one step ahead. Introducing…Vitally’s First Call Success Generator.

An AI Tool for Customer Success Onboarding

The First Call Success Generator is the debut release from Vitally Labs, our experimental playground for creating new tools to help Customer Success teams drive productivity. Simply punch in your new client’s unique business details and what they’re looking to achieve, and our AI-powered success kit generator will create a custom brief laying out everything you’ll want to cover during that first touch. For example:

  • The typical pain points your customer may be experiencing
  • The objectives and key results (OKRs) that will help your customer find success
  • Tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning
  • Suggestions for building rapport on the first call and in future calls

The entire process takes less than two minutes and saves CSMs hours of research and preparation for onboarding calls.

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Why We Built It

Powered by ChatGPT, our First Call Success Generator helps you understand what your new customer really cares about. Use it before the first call with every new account, and you’ll be able to quickly establish trust, align on goals and outcomes, and use your call time as efficiently as possible.

"One of the most common struggles we hear from Vitally customers is how hard it is to align CSMs and new customers," said Jeff Chase, Director of Product Marketing at Vitally. "It takes a lot of effort and research to get it right, and we wanted to build something that eased some of the burden."

We also noticed there was a gap in AI tools for Customer Success, so we wanted to address that gap with a tool leveraging ChatGPT that could be useful for all CS teams,” Chase added.

"We're all aware that generative AI has the potential to radically transform work in the long term, but in the short term, AI-enabled tools can enhance productivity for Customer Success teams today,” said William Wickey, Vitally’s VP of Growth. “Small optimizations in recurrent tasks can add up to a big impact."

"Customer Success teams are being asked to do more with less these days, and it's almost impossible to meet your goals without relying on software tools to do some of the grunt-work," Wickey continued. "We think this first release from Vitally Labs can make CS teams far more efficient during that critical onboarding touchpoint, and we've got some more AI-powered tools in the works that will make life easier for Customer Success professionals — even ones who don't currently use our platform."

Your X-Ray Goggles for New Customer Accounts

With the Vitally First Call Success Generator, your playbook for new clients is just two minutes away. Test out our free AI tool for Customer Success and look out for more helpful tools from Vitally Labs in the future.

If you have any ideas for Customer Success resources that would make you and your team more productive and efficient, email us at

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