Personalize Automation to Your Business Needs with Custom Objects

One of the most flexible parts of Vitally's Customer Success Platform (CSP) is the ability to add Custom Objects, a collection of additional data points that can be added to Vitally. With Custom Objects, teams personalize and enhance their Vitally experience with information that is important to them.

Today, we're excited to share an update that enables automated, real-time activities using Custom Object data in Vitally's Playbook automation tool.

A New World of Custom Automation

In the past, Vitally users could view and filter data coming through as Custom Objects. However, they would still need to manually decide which actions to take based on this information. A common example is sending an email or updating the status of an account.

With Custom Object automation, your team can trigger all of Vitally’s standard Playbook actions using data from any Custom Object, all without any intervention needed from a Customer Success Manager. 

For example, when a new Salesforce Opportunity is created, an organization could automatically trigger an Onboarding Project and assign a Key Role (i.e., the Implementation Manager). Custom Object automation opens up a wide range of use cases and unlocks powerful and flexible capabilities tailored exactly to your business needs.

How it Works

To get started, you'll need to have Custom Objects in Vitally. Custom Objects can be pulled from various sources (e.g., Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.) or created as standalone objects in our platform. If you haven’t created a Custom Object, learn how here.

Custom Objects (JIRA Issue in the example) will appear as Trigger options on the right.

Then, you'll be able to use these Custom Objects as triggers for any type of automated workflow such as updating Account Traits, creating Organization-level Tasks, showing an NPS survey, and much more. You can trigger 12 different Account actions and 7 different Organization actions:

Account-Level & Organization-Level Actions

Once you’ve set up your Custom Object trigger and the actions you want to perform, you’ll simply want to review your Playbook automation before setting it live. For a more detailed explanation on how to create Playbooks from start to finish, check out this article.

Example Use Cases

Custom Object automation opens up a new world of customization within Vitally, allowing Customer Success teams to save time and work more efficiently. Common Playbook examples include:

  • A Salesforce Opportunity status is changed to “Closed Won” --> create an onboarding Task
  • A Zendesk ticket is created --> create a Task for the CSM to follow up
  • A JIRA ticket is closed --> send an email to notify the customer

Consider this scenario:
For example, let's say your Custom Object is a "Jira Issue". If you're a Customer Success Manager, you may want to receive an alert whenever one of your accounts has an open support ticket. In this case, you can create a Playbook automation in Vitally that detects whenever there is a new "Jira Issue" for one of your customers. Then, you can assign an action to "Create an Account indicator" so that you can quickly scan and identify which accounts may need extra attention.

Apply a variety of Organization and Account actions along with Rules such as Delays or branching logic.

To expand on the "Jira Issue" use case, you could create a Playbook that detects if a support ticket has been open for more than 7 days. If so, you could then "Create an Account Task" to check with Engineering on the status of the ticket. Once the ticket is resolved, you can have Vitally automatically send an email to the customer - officially closing the loop without any manual work needed on your part! 

The examples above outline very simple Playbooks with one action. Using Vitally's powerful automation builder, you can create workflows that are even more advanced with multiple steps and branching logic (i.e., different paths with different outcomes).

Wrapping Up

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new feature! Custom Object automation is currently available to all Vitally customers, so if you’re already a user, get started today.

If you're new to Vitally or Customer Success Platforms (CSPs) in general, feel free to schedule a time to chat with our team.

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