Streamline Documentation with Note Templates and Embeddable Tasks

Documentation is a critical part of the Customer Success process from customer calls to tracking account updates. Today, we’re excited to introduce several updates to make Notes in Vitally more powerful than ever before with the addition of Note Templates, inline Tasks, and embeddable files. Read our blog post to learn more.


For Vitally customers, Notes are where documentation takes place. From logging customer interactions to tracking important updates, Notes enable Customer Success teams to track changes throughout the customer journey. 

Today, we’re excited to share several significant updates to Notes in Vitally designed to streamline and standardize the documentation process across your Customer Success organization. 

These updates include the ability to create custom Note Templates to ensure consistency and efficiency across your team. Additionally, teams now can embed files and add existing or new Tasks directly within a Note or as part of a Note Template.

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Standardize Documentation with Note Templates

In Vitally, Notes provide Customer Success teams with a quick and easy way to log conversations and organize processes as they happen throughout the customer journey. 

In addition to being a tool for annotating discussions, Customer Success teams also leverage Notes in Vitally as a framework for guiding conversations and ensuring the proper collection of the necessary information for product success, growth, and scale.

With the addition of Note Templates, teams can now create prebuilt Notes in Vitally to standardize how their Customer Success teams conduct calls and track critical updates.

For example, a team may need to create a template for standardizing onboarding calls. Within the template, users can add sections to guide the conversation, as well as include topics to discuss, and link out to helpful pieces of content or product experiences to share with the customer.

Once a template is created, team members can select it from a new note, giving them everything they need to get quickly started on their call or any other process for documenting the customer experience.

Access all your team's Note Templates to quickly get started on documentation

Organization-wide templates can be created by an account Admin, while individual users can create personal templates.

Embed and Create Tasks Within a Note

In addition to Note Templates, Vitally customers can now embed their existing Tasks or create new ones directly in line with their Notes.

Vitally customers use Tasks to ensure they are staying on track with their customers as they go through stages such as implementation and onboarding, as well as preparing for future-looking discussions around retention and expansion. 

With Tasks directly within a Note, Customer Success Managers and other team members can align these tasks with the Note at hand, ensuring that everything that needs to be done is accounted for.

Tasks can be added to any new or existing Note, as well as part of a Note Template, which will automatically add those Tasks to the individual creating the Note and the account. For example, if a team has a Note Template for a quarterly business review (QBR), in addition to all the important details and guiding conversation steps, the Note can also include related Tasks.

How to add Tasks to Notes

Using the backslash (/) command in the Vitally text editor, users can select “Task”, which will add a new Task field to your Note. 

Add and create Tasks directly into your Notes

If Tasks have already been created for an account, you can search for those Tasks by simply typing in the title of the Task and selecting from the dropdown below. Otherwise, you can create any number of new Tasks, which will then be automatically added to the account and assigned to the Note-creator (but can be reassigned as needed).

Embed Files into a Note

The last piece of our Notes update is the ability to embed a file directly into your Note or a Note Template.

While files could already be attached to a Note, this update streamlines the flow of documentation, allowing files to be placed within the context of the Note.

As part of a Note Template, embedded files also ensure Customer Success team members have immediate access to related documents for any process they may be handling. This could include documents such as a grading rubric or marketing materials to educate customers on upselling and expansion opportunities.

Interested in Learning More?

Note Templates, as well as the embeddable inline Tasks and files, are now available to all Vitally Customers. 

For any additional questions, please contact your Vitally CSM. For new prospective customers interested in learning more about these features, as well as how Vitally can help accelerate your Customer Success, get in touch with an expert today.

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