Automate Customer Task Completion with New Playbook Actions

Leverage Playbooks to build and automate intelligent workflows that reduce CSM time spent on closing out repetitive Tasks completed throughout the customer journey.

Jeff Chase

Product Marketing



November 19, 2021

As Customer Success teams continue to become more agile, automation has played an increasingly more significant role in reducing time spent on day-to-day activities such as general housekeeping of accounts.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest update to our growing automation capabilities with the ability to update the state of a task within Playbooks automatically.

Overview of Tasks and Playbooks

What are Tasks

Within Vitally, Tasks provide Customer Success teams with an easy way to manage and track critical activities throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, Customer Success Managers can use Tasks as a checklist to follow and guide a customer through proper onboarding.

Additionally, Tasks make it simple for Customer Success leads to view and report on what’s happening across their teams at scale. 

Assigning Tasks With Playbooks

Playbooks provide Vitally users with a powerful tool for automating workflows. For example, teams may build a Playbook for assigning a new CSM to an account, and once set, a Project with specific Tasks for them to manage and complete.

What’s New

Within the Playbook builder, teams can now create automation to mark any Task as complete once it has met preset criteria. For example, suppose there is a Task for the customer to provide their payment information. Once added, the Task is automatically marked as complete.

Customer Success leaders can also set Task auto-completion steps for actions taken by a CSM, such as closing out a Task for a kick-off call once the CRM has logged it. 

There are limitless opportunities for leveraging Task auto-completion to create more efficient CSM and customer engagement workflows.

With these advancements in the Vitally platform, we’re excited to continue to provide CS teams with tools that save valuable time spent on managing Tasks so they can focus efforts to promote growth and reduce churn.

How to Get Started

Automating Tasks within Vitally is simple. All you need is an existing Task and an event to track. From there, follow these steps to create an automation to complete any Tasks:

  1. Click on Playbooks from the settings menu.
  2. Click on Create New in the top right corner.
  3. Give your Playbook a name (i.e. Autocomplete {task}).
  4. Click on Rules to set the property (goal of task) and what its completed state should be.
  5. Click on Actions and select Add an Action.
  6. Click on Update Task(s) for the Account.
  7. Under Search Filters, define the task (i.e. Task is {name of task}).
  8. Under Task Updates, define the action (i.e. Completed is true).
  9. Optionally, you can set the task in its new state once completed or revert if the account state changes.
  10. Review your task automation and ensure the Active toggle is on.

Once complete, your task completion automation will be enabled and active. As soon as the designated task is completed, your accounts will be updated.

For a deeper dive, below is a quick walkthrough on how to use the new task auto-completion action: 

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