Bring Any Data Point into Vitally with Zapier and Custom Objects

Customer Success Platforms (CSPs) are known for their ability to compile multiple data points under a single pane of glass. This empowers Customer Success teams to be more productive and efficient — accessing all the insights they need, whenever they need them. In Vitally, one of the ways we make it possible for teams to access more data from across their tech stack is with Custom Objects.

Starting today, we’re excited to share a significant update to Vitally's Custom Objects feature. Using Zapier, CS teams now have the option to import any data point from across their tech stack into a Vitally Custom Object. You heard it right — any data point! Teams can pull in information from a variety of sources such as Jira, HubSpot, and more. In addition, CS teams also have the ability to create standalone Custom Objects to support a multitude of use cases.

This update provides Customer Success teams with even more data, control, and visibility over their work in Vitally. As a result, teams can work more efficiently, reduce the need to hop between tools, and drive forward customer journeys more effectively than ever before.

Read on to learn more!

What is a Custom Object?

In Vitally, a Custom Object is a collection of Traits that are used to bring in additional data specific to a company or industry. These Traits are the same as ‘fields’ or ‘properties’ in other software applications. What sets Custom Objects apart is that they exist outside of Vitally's Native Objects: Organizations, Accounts, Users, Notes, Tasks, Conversations, and NPS Responses.

As an example with Salesforce, Vitally can natively sync data from your existing Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks. These are treated as Standard Objects. However, you might have additional objects you'd like to create such as Opportunities, Support Cases, and CSAT Surveys. These would be treated as Custom Objects because they are outside the scope of a standard integration and typically vary based on the organization.

In the past, we've offered Custom Objects only through our Salesforce integration. Now, we've extended this functionality to allow Vitally users to pull in data from across even more platforms using Zapier. Even better, Custom Objects can be created in Vitally on-the-fly without the need for an external integration source.

Expanding Custom Objects in Vitally with Zapier

In Vitally, you can use Custom Objects to sync data points from various sources using Zapier.

For example, a CS team might want to bring in support tickets from Jira for more visibility. You could start by creating a Vitally Custom Object called “Jira Issue”. Along with this Custom Object, you'll want to bring in certain properties from the "Jira Issue" so that you have additional context and all the necessary details from that ticket.

You can map over properties like "Ticket Description" and "Ticket Priority", which will be shown as Custom Traits in Vitally. Additionally, you can configure permission levels to determine which team members can make edits to these properties.

How To Create a Custom Object

To create a new Custom Object, Vitally users can navigate to Settings -> Data Management -> Custom Objects. From there, you'll input a name and configure permission levels.

If you’re connecting the Custom Object to an external data source, you’ll need to make sure you have the Zapier integration setup in Vitally. Once complete, you'll head over to Zapier and choose the app you want to connect (e.g., Jira, HubSpot, etc.). Then, you'll map out those relevant triggers and actions that will then sync up to your Custom Object in Vitally. For a more in-depth guide, check out our help center article.

Work Smarter Using Custom Objects

Once your objects are created in Vitally, you'll be able to leverage them in very similar ways as you can your Tasks, Notes, and other native Vitally features. For instance, use Custom Objects as a way to filter and create new Views (i.e., Reports). Here are some of the Views you can build:

  • Create a View showing Opportunities with a 'Close Date' within the next three months (opportunity tracking is a breeze)
  • Create a View filtering all of your CSM's accounts with an Open Jira ticket (work smarter and prioritize the accounts that should get regular communication)

In addition, this extended functionality offers CS teams:

  • Greater flexibility and customization into what data points are brought into Vitally
  • Increased visibility and less back-and-forth between various browser tabs
  • More time back in their day (you won't need to Slack Engineering as much for updates, right?)
  • Better peace of mind knowing that their CSP hosts up-to-date customer insights

Common Use Cases for CS Teams

There are several ways you can use Custom Objects and Zapier to enhance your Customer Success process:

  • Vitally <> Jira Tickets: Bring in support ticket information such as ticket details, priority level, and status. Stay on top of customer issues and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Vitally <> HubSpot Deals: Bring in information from Closed Deals such as ARR/MRR and renewal dates. Close the information gap between Sales and Customer Success. Ensure teams have an accessible, historic list of all of their customers' deals.
  • Vitally <> CSAT Surveys: Surface customer satisfaction surveys from any CSAT tool that integrates with Zapier. Get the full scope of how customers are feeling after interactions with your team.

Custom Objects beyond Zapier: In the future, we will release updates that include Custom Object support via additional methods.

Interested in Learning More?

Custom Objects are now enabled for all Vitally users! For any additional questions, please contact your Vitally Customer Success Manager or learn more in our help center.

Not a Vitally customer? Get in touch with an expert today to learn more about these features and how Vitally can help accelerate your Customer Success.

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