Connect Salesforce to Vitally to seamlessly handoff new deals to Customer Success.

What is the Salesforce integration?

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to enable organizations to manage customer data throughout the sales cycle. For many sales teams, Salesforce is their centralized hub for managing prospects and deals before contract. With the Salesforce and Vitally integration, data can be synced bidirectionally, giving your sales team visibility to Customer Success data and metrics, and vice versa.

By connecting Salesforce data into Vitally, Customer Success teams can:

  • Import any subset of Salesforce accounts or custom objects (as Vitally accounts)
  • Import any subset of Salesforce contacts or custom objects (as Vitally users)
  • Add Vitally's unique customer insights (e.g. health score, segments, etc) to your Salesforce records
  • Sync notes & tasks taken in Salesforce into Vitally and push notes & tasks taken in Vitally to Salesforce

Available data sets include:

  • Accounts: Bi-directionally sync and/or import Salesforce Accounts (or the Salesforce object you use as the equivalent) into Vitally as Vitally Accounts. You'll be able to whitelist the Salesforce fields to add to your Vitally account profiles, make changes to those fields in Vitally, and push Vitally's customer analytics (e.g. health scores, indicators) back to your Salesforce records
  • Contacts: Bi-directionally sync and/or import Salesforce contacts into Vitally as Vitally Users. Opportunities and Custom Objects - Bi-directionally sync any custom object from Salesforce into Vitally, and even create new objects directly in Vitally.  Opportunities are treated as Custom Objects, and are supported in the same full read/write/create basis.
  • Notes: Sync your Salesforce notes into Vitally and push Vitally's notes back to Salesforce.
  • Tasks: Sync your Salesforce tasks into Vitally and push Vitally's tasks back to Salesforce.

Data Provided by Salesforce

Revenue Data

Sync your customer's subscription and revenue data (i.e. trials, MRR, renewal dates, churn) into Vitally.

Account Data

Import and sync your account data, including companies, users, contact information, and additional key customer data.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration

  • Automatically create new customers from Salesforce
  • Deliver seamless customer handoffs with customer notes
  • Sync data across both Vitally and Salesforce for real-time updates
  • Leverage Salesforce data and custom objects to create tailored Playbooks


  • Access to Vitally
  • Access to Salesforce with the ability to manage Push Topics
  • Your Salesforce account has the REST API add-on
  • You have not exhausted your API credits for the last 24 hours
  • Your External ID for accounts Recommended

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