The 8 Most Useful Zapier Integrations for Vitally

Automation can be a powerful tool for dealing with the repetitive, low-level time sucks that wreak havoc on productivity.

Vitally is designed to integrate with your existing SaaS ecosystem, allowing Customer Success teams to easily automate workflows so they can focus their time and energy on creating fantastic customer experiences. 

Although we offer a broad list of native integrations, no Customer Success Platform can claim to integrate with every software tool on the market. With over 5,000 applications serviced, Zapier is our choice as the most effective way to connect the rest of your tech stack to the Vitally platform. With the right integrations, creating Custom Objects, Notes, Calendar Events, Tasks, and Messages based on actions in other apps becomes automatic. 

Need to share data the other way? No problem. Integrations are a two-way street, so sending key customer data back to other apps is a snap. (For example, updating events in your calendar based on actions within Vitally.) 

Vitally Solutions Architect Fahmida Yasmin-Monium is our resident Zapier expert and a champion of getting your SaaS tools connected. “In addition to giving you deep insights into your company's customer base, integrations are essential to operational efficiencies,” she explains. “Allowing teams to have all the information they need in a centralized space provides maximum visibility and ultimately enables a better customer experience.” 

That said, with so many apps and templates provided through Zapier, the choices can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve asked Fahmida to share her list of the most essential Zapier integrations for Vitally users, to get you started on the right foot.

Primer: What Is Zapier Integration?

In a perfect world, all the SaaS apps we use would be natively integrated. That is, they’d have a built-in ability to share functionality and data between each other.

“Unfortunately, some of our tech stacks don’t play together that nicely,” Fahmida says. “Oftentimes, we need a third-party way to create non-native integration between two separate SaaS apps to achieve the interoperability and automation we want.” 

That’s where Zapier comes in, replacing native integration with actions through automated scripts. And with thousands of apps already included, there is a good chance a Zapier integration (or "Zap") has already been created to serve your needs. 

There are a lot of ways you can connect your existing business software tools with Vitally. You can see our complete list of Zapier integrations here.

How To Enable Zapier in Vitally

Enabling the Zapier integration within Vitally is easy for any admin:

  1. Within Vitally, navigate to Integrations > Zapier in your Account Settings (get there via Quick Jump).
  2. Once you click the switch in the top right, you'll be provided with an API key to use with Zapier.

The 8 Best Zapier Integrations for Vitally

Call recordings, meeting invites, ticket syncing, notifications…it can be exhausting just to keep up with it all. Time to leave the busy-work behind and get down to what you do best. Here are some of the most valuable Zapier and Vitally integrations you can try today.


Gong was developed to increase efficiency and decision-making by helping to eliminate the countless hours spent pulling customer insights from call notes. Chances are you’re using it or a similar call-recording app right now. 

As Fahmida explains, Zapier's Vitally<>Gong integration makes sure all those insights are properly surfaced to make a difference. “With a Zapier integration, you can automatically update customer profiles, create Tasks, or add Notes within Vitally with the vital customer information parsed from your call recording software.” 


Freshdesk is a snap to integrate through Zapier, allowing you to quickly integrate customer profiles, service tickets, conversations, and issues between the two platforms. 

For CSMs, this is a great way to start gauging customer health. “Seeing support ticket data can help you see which customers are engaging with you and which ones are not, giving you insights into their health,” Fahmida says. You can pretty easily see potential risk factors, like too many open tickets, or no tickets at all, that could indicate low engagement with your product.” 

These types of automation give you at-a-glance information on your customers’ well-being without flipping between apps. “The more insights you bring from different departments the better you can manage your retention goals."


Jira is an industry standard for project task management. With Jira integration through Zapier, you can synchronize Tasks, Notes, and issues across Vitally and Jira every time a change is made. It’s easy to sync and update support tickets from Jira into custom objects within Vitally.

Often overlooked, but no less important, is the ability to also push data from Vitally back into your SaaS stack as well. A great example of this would be pushing info from Vitally, like revenue, into a Jira ticket. This can provide more visibility for engineering teams into the customer whose tickets they are working on.

"Pushing these types of insights back allows your engineering teams to tailor the customer experience through professional or white-glove services depending on how you segment your customers based on different data points," Fahmida says.

Google Calendar

Meetings that could have been an email are the worst. But by integrating Vitally with your calendar platform, like Google Calendar, you can ensure that the right people, and only the right people, are showing up. 

Zapier’s Google Calendar integration with Vitally enables powerful Zaps to instantly create meetings when key projects within Vitally are updated or completed. Or you can sync the other way, updating customer records after meetings to make sure you’re always up to date on your interactions.

Using Calendly? Check out one of our most popular templates: automatically creating Vitally tasks for new Calendly bookings.


Vitally supports the creation of powerful Custom Objects created through Zapier actions. These Custom Objects allow you to import and sync data points from any external system (Jira, Hubspot, etc.) that has objects that your company uses. 

Using a project management system like Productboard? You can use Zapier to integrate with Vitally to automatically capture and log feedback requests as Custom Objects from customers through Productboard, or create new feature requests based on Notes created within Vitally. 

"Feedback from your customers is vital to Customer Success, and this connection helps to ensure the voice of your customers reaches your CS team to continuously monitor and track these requests. Listening to your customers can be a key factor in maximising your customer lifetime value" Fahmida says.


No code, in-app surveys can be a powerful and easy way to build up customer trait profiles. With Zapier you can automatically update customer traits with the results from Chameleon surveys.

Fahmida notes, "Your survey data can be key to feeding into your customer health scores in Vitally. For example, if you’re tracking ‘Customer Effort Score’ in a tool like Chameleon you can bring in those to see trends, such as any potential client churn in the first year, which could be due to a poor onboarding experience. Having these types of survey results can indicate early signs of risk your CS team can proactively manage to hit your NRR goals and keep your customers happy."


For better or worse, just about everyone uses Slack at work today. In fact, 86% of CS teams communicate internally using chat workspace tools, according to our 2023 State of Knowledge Sharing in Customer Success Organizations report. Fortunately, Zapier can enable many different automations between Vitally and Slack depending on your needs. 

"Slack notifications are a great way to bridge the gap between your different departments,” Fahmida says. “They can allow you to celebrate your team's wins to foster a great culture. For example, you can send Slack notifications via Vitally when a new customer has just gone live with your product."

You can also set up Slack messages to send updates on Notes, Tasks, and more within Vitally. Maybe you’re using Slack for customer support? With Zapier, you can onboard a new customer added to Vitally into a dedicated Slack channel automatically, so you’ll never lose track of any requests. 


“Vitally has its own native NPS feature which our customers can inject as a script, but they can also use Zapier to connect other NPS survey results from apps like Survicate,” Fahmida says. With Zapier, you can quickly automate alerts to keep you up to date when a new response is received. Whether it’s through a chat workspace program like Slack, or automatic email notifications, your team can immediately act on new feedback from completed surveys and investigate low scores.

Bonus! How To Build a Zapier Integration With Vitally

SaaS integrations within Zapier are based on two functions: a trigger and an action (or “when X happens, do Y”), otherwise known as a Zap. 

To start, select both the application and the event you want to start the automation (the “trigger”). For example, you can select several different events within Vitally as your trigger, such as:

  • Creating a new customer
  • Creating or completing tasks
  • Creating a new custom object
  • Changing project status

From there, it’s simply a matter of choosing the application and action you want to see happen. Vitally has a long list of actions you can trigger, such as

  • Update user and organization user’s traits
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Create projects
  • Add customers to segments
  • Add notes 

Zaps can be multi-step, and involve more conditions and applications, but at its core, all Zaps are based on these two steps being fulfilled. 

Zapier Integrations for Customer Success: Final Thoughts

Automation is a potent solution for Customer Success, but it’s only effective if it saves you time and improves efficiency. Without a streamlined automation system, duplicate tasks may get created, alerts may be missed, and ultimately, customers may not get the attention they deserve. 

By seamlessly incorporating Zapier integrations between Vitally and your established SaaS stack, you’ll level up your Customer Success endeavors with actionable insights and reliably up-to-date information. 

Not a Vitally customer yet? Request a personalized demo of Vitally with one of our Customer Success experts today and learn how our top-rated Customer Success Platform can supercharge your CS organization.

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