Who is Salesfloor?

Salesfloor's Enhanced Customer Insight with Vitally Fuels Actionable Results

Director of Client Services, Salesfloor
Azelie Pouliot
"[Vitally] is very sexy. The platform is fun to play with, it's very self-service and very quick to onboard. The ease of use sets Vitally apart."

September 2021

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Salesfloor's enhanced customer insight with Vitally fuels actionable results

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Who is Salesfloor?

Azelie Pouliot
Director of Client Services @ Salesfloor

Salesfloor is an award-winning customer engagement platform for retailers. With their Virtual shopping, Clienteling, and AI-Assisted Selling capabilities, Salesfloor is trusted to deliver seamless retail customer experiences across online and in-store shopping—trusted by renowned enterprise retailers, Bloomingdales, Saks of Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, and many more across the globe.

Favorite Features


Playbooks help you automate internal customer management, fire alerts for in-need accounts, and engage customers.


Dashboards allow you to create and arrange advanced reports based on all of your customer data and activity objects in Vitally.

Success Metrics

Custom KPIs powered by equations you define, which can take into account almost any of the data you pump into Vitally, including product events, account and user traits, total users at an account, and more.

Cards & Decks

To customize account and user displays, organize related account and user columns into named Cards, and organize those Cards into Decks that can be used throughout Vitally.


Auto-organize your accounts into any number of segments, using any data points. You can easily view each segment's accounts, KPIs, and more as you navigate Vitally.


Create, manage, and track your customer projects e.g. a collection of tasks aimed to help a customer reach some goal. Projects provide you with a wealth of project management features so that you can confidently and collaboratively manage your customer work throughout the customer lifecycle.

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