Productboard reduced gross churn by 50% in 1 year by automating time-consuming tasks and increasing CSM bandwidth with customer insights from Vitally.

Senior Director of Customer Success
John Henwood
"We didn't need a data team or operations experts to do lots of integrations. Vitally's integrations are very much plug and play."

February 2020

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Productboard reduces gross churn by 50% in 1 year with Vitally

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John Henwood
Senior Director of Customer Success @ Productboard

Productboard is on a mission to help companies like Zendesk, Zoom, HERE Technologies, Vitally, and thousands more, build truly excellent products by helping product managers understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap.

Favorite Features


Growing suite of plug-and-play integrations can be used to unify your disparate customer datasets into Vitally.

Customer Health Scores

Accounts can have multiple health scores e.g. one for "Product usage" and another for "NPS". You'll define healthy, concerning, and poor conditions for each score, and we'll 'grade' your accounts on a scale of 0-10 for each score.


Create, manage, and track your customer projects e.g. a collection of tasks aimed to help a customer reach some goal. Projects provide you with a wealth of project management features so that you can confidently and collaboratively manage your customer work throughout the customer lifecycle.

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