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Grata Increases Monthly Active Users and Power Users with Vitally Automation

Customer Success Director, Grata
Domila McFarlane
"Vitally has solved the original problem that we had which was, understanding what our customer engagement is, how we're building our relationships with our customers, tracking who is in charge of particular accounts, and tracking how much they're paying."

May 2021

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Grata operationalizes customer data to drive GTM strategy & develop institutional customer knowledge with Vitally

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Who is Grata?

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Grata is the leading company intelligence engine that enables dealmakers to search, find, qualify, and engage the right customers and companies for their business. Grata provides organizations like OneMedical, Providence Equity, Trilogy, and beyond, with unparalleled information and access that drives the private economy.

Favorite Features


Playbooks help you automate internal customer management, fire alerts for in-need accounts, and engage customers.


Rebuilt for Customer Success. Show NPS surveys to specific accounts, analyze NPS scores across business, and set up alerts for businesses with dissatisfied account owners or low scores.


Dashboards allow you to create and arrange advanced reports based on all of your customer data and activity objects in Vitally.

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