Track and Manage Issues with the Vitally Jira Integration

Ensuring that customers are successful involves more than just Customer Success teams. Getting visibility into what’s happening throughout the customer journey—from their experience with your product to their obstacles in reaching their goals—is critical to staying ahead of churn, keeping customers on the right track, and ensuring your business is setting the right strategies for maximized impact. 

As a Customer Success organization, these teams are often on the front lines of customer feedback with regard to bugs, feature requests, and much more. As businesses grow and scale, it is increasingly critical to keep everyone aligned and informed across tools.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our native Jira integration that seamlessly tracks and manages Jira issues inside Vitally. 

Now, Customer Success teams can collaborate more closely with Product and Engineering teams, surfacing Jira issues without ever leaving Vitally and using that information to get a fuller picture of each customer. 

Customer Success teams can also apply and filter Jira tickets against their book of business to better understand the NRR impact of certain features or issues, making it easier than ever to help make business cases for what to focus on next.

How the Jira Integration Works

This one-way sync lets you pull all Jira Issues into Vitally as Custom Objects. Create a Table or Board View to see all your Issues at a glance. Or, hop into an Account 360 to stay up-to-date on any Jira Issues related to a specific customer — all right within Vitally.

Using the Vitally<>Jira integration, Customer Success teams can:

  • Triage customer requests: Categorize, prioritize, and follow up on Jira issues in a streamlined and efficient way that delivers a superior customer experience.
  • Monitor customer health: Gain a deeper understanding of churn risks based on Jira issue metrics like the number of total bug tickets or feature requests submitted, the time to complete a ticket, and so on.
  • Tie bugs and requests back to revenue: Understand the revenue impact of Jira Issues by connecting the dots between customer bugs and product requests and their associated revenue in Vitally. 

The Jira integration is available to all Vitally customers. To set it up, head to the Integrations page of your Vitally account settings, and follow the steps in this article to connect your Jira instance to Vitally. 

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re new to Vitally, schedule a demo to learn how integrations and the other powerful features of Vitally can boost your Customer Success productivity. 

Not ready to schedule a demo just yet? Take an interactive tour of the Vitally platform today!

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