MonkeyLearn Multiplies CSM Bandwidth with Vitally’s CS Platform

Who is MonkeyLearn?

Diego ‘Colo’ Ventura, Customer Success Manager @ MonkeyLearn

MonkeyLearn is a Text Analysis platform that enables companies like Dell, Freshly, Garmentory,, and hundreds more, to create new value from text data. MonkeyLearn’s Text Analysis with Machine Learning empowers businesses to automate workflows and save hours of manual data processing.  

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A Lack of Coordination: The Challenges

  • Difficult to coordinate efforts across teams
  • There was no full picture of their customer base
  • Had to rely on their internal databases and CRM, rather than a tool dedicated to CS

Prior to implementing Vitally, the Customer Success team at MonkeyLearn was relying on tools that did not (easily) lend themselves to sharing customer data and knowledge.

“Before [implementing Vitally] we were really relying on our internal databases and our CRM, which were more prepared for sales or marketing purposes, to find data for the Customer Success team,” said Colo. “What Vitally gave us was a place of our own, like a home.”

As MonkeyLearn continued to scale, their Customer Success team was handling dozens of customer onboardings, all while having to coordinate their efforts with departments across the organization e.g. customer-facing Business Development Reps (BDRs) and technical support teams. In turn, they realized that what they really needed was a way to see an overview of what the onboarding process looked like for their customers. 

“[We needed] a centralized place where all of our customer data, and how we acted on the product side and on the services side, could be represented,” said Colo. “We tried another tool before [Vitally] when I was the only CSM. As we grew, we abandoned it because it wasn't as polished as we needed it to be, and the general sentiment was that we didn't have a full picture of what was happening to customers, which was frustrating.” 

A Place of Their Own: The Solution

  • Centralizing information of several systems that exist around the customer lifecycle
  • Empowers CS teams to act independently from development and engineering teams
  • After breaking out a Professional Services team from their CS team, Vitally was instrumental to increasing CSM bandwidth 

In his search for a tool that would allow him to have an overview of what was happening with their customers, MonkeyLearn’s CEO, Raúl Garreta, discovered Vitally. After suggesting it to the MonkeyLearn CS team, they began to integrate Vitally into their tech stack. 

“Of the [Customer Success tools] that I’ve tried, [Vitally] is the one that spoke the most to the Customer Success Manager in me...” said Colo. “Vitally is a tool that focuses on centralizing the information of several systems that exist around the customer lifecycle. It gives us the opportunity, like no other tool that we have, to act independently from development or engineering teams in terms of seeing what is happening to accounts.”

Beyond simply seeing the full picture of their customer base, the CS team at MonkeyLearn has also benefited from Vitally’s customization capabilities. In particular, the ability to customize the information they want to see for each individual account using Vitally’s Cards and Decks feature.

“A lot of MonkeyLearn’s use cases are very personalized and need a lot of service and customization, and it’s very hard to ask the development, engineer, and product teams to standardize that information for the CS team,” said Colo. “What Vitally gives me is the liberty of not needing to ask for that information, and the ability to see personalized information for each account.”

After implementing Vitally, MonkeyLearn reconfigured their CS team, spinning out a Professional Services team, leaving Colo to fill the roles of CSM, Account Manager, and Customer Service Lead. This transition has further positioned Vitally as an extension of MonkeyLearn’s CS team. 

“This was a tool built by Customer Success [practitioners] that were actually thinking about what the day-to-day tasks are [for CSMs],” said Colo. “This is what differentiates between the tools I’ve already tried, which take a top-down approach. They were for my managers or VPs, instead of the people doing the work day-to-day.”

Why MonkeyLearn Recommends Vitally to Other Customer Success Teams

  • Ease of use
  • Customer Support
  • Easy to input data and stay in the loop on things

When it comes to advocating for Vitally with other Customer Success teams, not only does Colo highly recommend Vitally for its ease-of-use, but he’s already raised his hand to be a part of Vitally’s forthcoming partner program. 

The TL;DR? “What Vitally has is a very good product that should be installed by a lot of my customers,” says Colo. 

For Customer Success teams that need to scale CS bandwidth in order to meet the demands of their growing book of business, in a difficult hiring market no less, Vitally’s CS platform will help you streamline your customer data and processes, multiple CSM bandwidth and output, and create white-glove experiences at scale. Schedule a free personalized demo today.

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