MonkeyLearn's Customer Success team uses Vitally to synchronize customer lifecycle information across systems.

“Of the Customer Success tools that I’ve tried, Vitally is the one that spoke the most to the Customer Success Manager in me.”
Customer Success Manager, MonkeyLearn
Diego ‘Colo’ Ventura

May 2020

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MonkeyLearn Multiplies CSM Bandwidth with Vitally’s CS Platform

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Who is MonkeyLearn?

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MonkeyLearn is a Text Analysis platform that enables companies like Dell, Freshly, Garmentory,, and hundreds more, to create new value from text data. MonkeyLearn’s Text Analysis with Machine Learning empowers businesses to automate workflows and save hours of manual data processing.

Favorite Features

Customer 360

A centralized view of your customer data.


Growing suite of plug-and-play integrations can be used to unify your disparate customer datasets into Vitally.

Cards & Decks

To customize account and user displays, organize related account and user columns into named Cards, and organize those Cards into Decks that can be used throughout Vitally.

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