8 Customer Success Templates for Effective Onboarding Processes

When it comes to Customer Success, onboarding is arguably the most important part of getting started with a new customer.

With Vitally, customers have developed incredible ways to make onboarding more efficient and a better overall experience using the many features of our Customer Success Platform (CSP)

Whether you’re revamping your onboarding process, a new Vitally customer, or you’re part of a new Customer Success organization that doesn’t know where to start, it helps to have a clear roadmap to follow. We’ve worked with our customers to gather some of the best use cases in the form of Vitally Blueprints, a collection of Customer Success templates brought to you by today's CS thought-leaders.

Check out these eight practical templates to help you transform your onboarding process, create consistency across the board, and boost your team’s productivity.

Handoff Templates

User Interviews’ Post-Sales Email Handoff 

Type: Email Template

Best for someone looking to deliver a seamless customer experience that fosters engagement and retention.

Having an effective and efficient way to manage the handoff from Sales to Customer Success is critical. This Post-Sales Conversation Blueprint in Vitally streamlines the post-sales process and standardizes customer communication across the organization. Created by Christy Banasihan, Lead Customer Success Manager at User Interviews, this email template ensures timely greetings and a scalable onboarding process for her team. 

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Sales to Customer Success Handoff Project Template

Type: Internal Project

Best for someone looking to create a smooth account handoff process and a seamless customer transition. 

Transitioning a customer between teams can be difficult, as miscommunication and mistakes can lead to a negative customer experience. This handoff template for Vitally Projects, created by Zack Joswiak, Manager of Solution Architects at Vitally, helps teams develop a standardized list of Tasks needed to deliver a smooth handoff between Sales and Customer Success. 

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Customer Onboarding Templates

#paid's New User Onboarding Checklist Document

Type: Customer-facing Doc

Best for someone looking to increase user engagement during the onboarding process. 

This Blueprint highlights the benefits of using a New User Onboarding Checklist to streamline the onboarding process for new product users. This Vitally Docs template is actively used by Natasha Cantisano, Team Lead, CS at #paid, to help her team and their customers effectively manage action items, share resources, and lay out onboarding objectives in one collaborative and central Doc. 

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Mixpanel's Guide to Customer Onboarding Projects

Type: Internal Project

Best for someone looking to enhance their onboarding process and establish a strong foundation for a long-term customer relationship.

While everyone can benefit from a Blueprint for customer onboarding, Vitally's Projects make it possible for Peishan Tan, Senior Manager of Customer Success, and her team at Mixpanel to stay on track every step of the way. From automatically creating the Project with automation from the moment the account is created to seamlessly updating account information as tasks are completed, this Blueprint makes it easy to stay on top of your customer onboarding.

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Followup CRM's Onboarding Checklist Document

Type: Customer-facing Doc

Best for someone looking to improve the customer journey and drive success off the starting line. 

Created by Senior Customer Success Manager at Followup CRM, Christine Francois, this Onboarding Checklist effectively sets up a smooth and engaging onboarding experience. Customer Success teams can use this Vitally Doc template to centralize all customer-facing resources and informed of what Tasks are assigned to them during kickoff, training, and post-training. 

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#paid's New Account Onboarding Checklist Document

Type: Customer-facing Doc

Best for someone looking to improve onboarding and provide an engaging and efficient experience for new accounts.

#paid’s New Account Onboarding Checklist can be applied to any Vitally Doc, enabling teams to create a personalized and interactive onboarding checklist for new customers. By keeping resources and Tasks organized throughout the entire onboarding process in one Doc, Natasha Cantisano ensures her team is providing new customers and delivers a consistent experience across all accounts.

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New Customer Kickoff Project Template

Type: Internal Project

Best for someone looking to increase customer satisfaction during and after implementation.

Developing smooth implementation and seamless handoff processes for new customers is key to ensuring a positive customer experience. The New Customer Kickoff Blueprint created by Vitally’s Solutions Architect, Steven Wehr, can be applied to a Vitally Project to easily assign and reference onboarding Tasks and due dates to internal and customer teams at scale, keeping everyone on track for success.   

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Implementation Template

Implementation Guide Doc Template

Type: Customer-facing Doc

Best for someone looking to personalize implementation guides in a scalable way.

This template serves as a more personalized, dynamic, and collaborative method to building an Implementation Guide. Vitally’s Senior Solutions Architect, Krista Olson, uses this Blueprint to create a dedicated workspace for new customers, delivering consistent and memorable onboarding experiences at scale while accelerating time-to-value.

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Effectively Manage Your Time and Your Customers

Blueprints showcase how Customer Success teams achieve visibility, improve operational efficiency, and boost team productivity and cross-collaboration. Check out our library of Vitally Blueprints to get inspired and discover templates that will transform your organization. 

And if you want to learn more about how the Vitally platform can help your Customer Success team reduce churn and drive retention revenue, request a demo today!

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