Power Your Business Strategies and Customer Experiences with Custom Surveys

We’re excited to announce the launch of Custom Surveys within Vitally — a fully integrated survey solution with tools to seamlessly gather feedback from your customers. By connecting customer feedback with customer data, Vitally has changed the landscape for how teams can capture and analyze customer feedback, and take action on those insights.

Broken Feedback Loops: Why Surveys Haven't Worked for Customer Success

Gathering feedback and insights is a critical part of understanding your customers, their journey with you and your business, and where you can make improvements. This is not only true for Customer Success teams, but for teams throughout your organization, such as Product and Marketing. 

But collecting customer insights is just the first step — once you have that all-important information, what do you do with it? Often, teams understand the first piece, but struggle to make the jump to taking action based on their data. This can be for several reasons: disconnected systems, lack of an easy way to decipher and report on feedback trends, or the inability to automate survey collection and follow-up. 

With Custom Surveys in Vitally, all this is possible — and then some. 

Vitally customers are seeing remarkable improvements in their workflows by consolidating their tech stack and integrating survey data completely and effortlessly inside Vitally. Linnea Olson from Apollo shared some of the gains they’ve seen right away from using Custom Surveys: 

“The main need here at Apollo was a way to send out surveys for our onboarding team. Our previous workflow involved two separate tools for surveying and sending data back to Vitally, and I was looking for something that would be in one platform, in Vitally, to run our surveys. Now, I can get more customized information from our customers and automate based on those survey results."

What are Custom Surveys?

For Customer Success teams who need a better way to gather feedback and insights from their customers, Custom Surveys (take a tour here) is a flexible survey tool that allows you to get tailored feedback, analyze that feedback alongside the rest of your customer data, and leverage survey responses to automate your processes.

Build and send highly customized surveys to gather any type of customer feedback and insights that you want to uncover. Unlike traditional survey tools that are disconnected from your customer data, Vitally’s Custom Surveys create a fuller picture of each customer by integrating survey results with the rest of your customer data, in the tool your team already spends their day inside.

Use the insights you’ve gathered from your surveys to power Playbook automations with contextual insights, inform your Health Scores, and create reporting widgets to track trends and identify gaps before they become churn risks.

How to Use Custom Surveys in Vitally

With 11 unique question types, you can leverage Custom Surveys to collect any type of insights from your customers. These include options for text-inputs, single and multi-select, scales (including emojis!), numbers, dates, and even NPS.

Vitally Custom Surveys

Gather feedback with sentiment-based surveys

You need to know how your customers feel about you and your product or service to make better decisions about your offering. Some examples of sentiment-based surveys you can run in Vitally include:

  • Traditional: CSAT, NPS
  • Lifecycle: Onboarding, QBR, Renewal
  • Persona: Decision-Maker, Admins, Power Users
  • Product: Feature Request

Inform your team’s work with collaborative surveys

Collecting details about your customers’ businesses allows you to craft better experiences for them to drive the outcomes you want them to achieve. An example would be:

  • Onboarding Form: Send a data readiness survey to a new customer to make sure you understand their full tech-stack and uncover data obstacles to deliver an exceptional onboarding experience

Deliver value through differentiated surveys 

Go beyond traditional surveys and think outside the box to deliver even more value to your customers. Use feedback to drive meaningful engagement in a tailored, yet scaled, approach. For example:

  • Goal Capture: Send your customers a quarterly survey to capture their top three initiatives and use those results to power an automated drip campaign

Custom Surveys are now available to all Vitally customers. To get started, admins can head over to the Settings menu and click on “Account & Billing.” If you have any questions, contact success@vitally.io or get in touch with your CSM. 

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re new to Vitally, schedule a demo to learn how Custom Surveys and the other powerful features of Vitally can boost your Customer Success productivity. 

Not ready to schedule a demo just yet? Take an interactive tour of the Vitally platform today!

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