Track the Impact of Your Customer Success Operations and Demonstrate ROI with Goals

Managing Customer Success and demonstrating ROI to your business and customers has never been more critical or challenging. Today’s teams are setting more ambitious goals as they shift towards scalable ways of managing and operating Customer Success. But without a way to track these outcomes, they often have trouble measuring and quantifying their impact and success.

With all of these challenges, Customer Success teams need a better way to track key metrics and outcomes, align their activities with business goals, and optimize their strategies using data-driven insights. Equally, if not more important, they need a way to communicate those outcomes back to their business and customers.  

This is where Vitally's new goal-setting capabilities come into play. With Goals, it is easier than ever for CS teams to set and track various types of goals to better understand the effectiveness of their processes and strategies, and stay on track with their success plans.

“I was able to set up a Goal and apply it through a Playbook within five minutes.” - Linnea Olson, Apollo

What are Goals?

Goals allow teams to automatically track and measure the success of their CS strategies and activities using the data they have inside of Vitally. 

Create Goal Templates and automate Goal-setting in Playbooks to standardize and continuously improve your CS processes.

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Goals gives you complete flexibility to set outcomes using any data point in Vitally, including data from integrations. By measuring the success of your CS processes, you can effortlessly identify what’s working and what isn’t, and make adjustments on the fly using a data-driven approach. 

How Vitally Customers Use Goals

Here are some real-world examples of Goals that Vitally customers are tracking today:

Onboarding Time to Value

Completing onboarding within a defined time frame so customers can start seeing value from your product or service is an important area of focus for Customer Success teams.

In Vitally, onboarding specialists and Customer Success Managers are leveraging Goals to track the TTV (Time to Value) of their clients’ onboarding and using that data to optimize their processes.  

Increase Revenue

Most CS teams who use Vitally have an OKR to increase revenue from their customers — but it can be a struggle to identify whether that’s happening, and where that revenue is coming from. 

Now, teams are using Goals to measure increases in ARR or MRR by a certain amount over a certain time period (e.g. 10% per year) to determine if they’re hitting their expansion targets.

Product Usage 

In addition to onboarding and revenue goals, teams using Vitally are also looking to ensure their customers are using their product on a regular basis, which is key to successful adoption and renewal. 

Now, teams can set Goals for active user percentage, number of logins, or any other type of product metrics through integrations with analytics tools like Twilio Segment. 

Getting a lens into how your CS strategies are performing is critical to ensuring that you’re driving the right customer outcomes. And that’s just the beginning — Goals can be created for anything you might want to understand about your operations or your customers. 

Demonstrate ROI to Your Business and Customers

To take it a step further and seamlessly draw a line to the ROI of those strategies and outcomes, you can use the Goals+ add-on. 

Embed Goals into shared Docs to collaborate with your customers on success plans and clearly demonstrate value.

With Goals+, you have all the power at your fingertips to prove that your efforts are impacting important business objectives, and show your customers how you’ve helped them achieve success. 

Goals+ offers several powerful additions to Goals, including:

  • Goal Widgets: Gain visibility into the organizational value and revenue impact of Customer Success by creating custom Widgets and reporting Dashboards for Goals. 
  • Goal-Triggered Playbooks: Leverage the outcomes of Goals to automate your CS processes. Whether a customer achieves or fails a Goal, set them on the right track to success using automated touches.
  • Embed Goals in Docs: Give your customers visibility into their own progress and demonstrate the ROI of your product by embedding Goals into collaborative Docs. Create custom success plans with your customers so that you can work together towards their goals. 
  • Manual Goal Conditions: Create bespoke Goals tailored to each customer's unique needs, outside the constraints of your customer data. Make goal-setting a collaborative effort with your customers and ensure all their targets are being tracked.

Goals are now available to all Vitally customers! If you have any questions, contact or get in touch with your CSM. 

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re new to Vitally, schedule a demo to learn how Goals and the other powerful features of Vitally can boost your Customer Success productivity. 

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