Vitally (Once Again) Ranked #1 in Best Results by G2

For the third straight quarter, Vitally has been named the #1 Customer Success Platform for Best Results (Winter 2024), including Time to Estimated ROI and Time to Go Live. The ranking was awarded by G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace for customer-generated reviews and feedback.

Vitally outperformed 18 other vendors in the category of Customer Success Platforms. 

Many factors are considered when determining the ranking, but the most important ones directly impact your team, customer, and business. It was in this area that Vitally shone brightest, leading the top of the market in both the Time to Estimated ROI and the Time to Go Live metrics.

ROI in Less Than 12 Months

According to Vitally customers, the average Time to ROI was 8.63 months. In comparison, the rest of the market averaged 14.38 months — more than a whole year before realizing ROI. There are a few reasons why Vitally customers realize ROI so quickly, but one to note is our quickest Time to Go Live and the features and benefits of our Customer Success Platform.

Powerful Automation Leads to Faster Results

One of the key differences between Vitally and other Customer Success Platforms is the ease of use and scalability of automation. Teams can scale their operations without unnecessarily increasing overhead or the size of their teams.

Vitally enables teams to quickly build powerful Playbooks to automate every aspect of their Customer Success strategy. From processes to indicating churn risks and expansion opportunities, Vitally helps you automate what you do manually.

Many things can be automated right out of the box, like CSM assignment, account segmentation, Doc and Project creation, and even conversations with customers.

Customers also value Playbooks for their powerful branching logic. Instead of developing a single automation for every possible outcome, teams can create robust automation paths within a single Playbook that achieve any desired outcome. 

Up and Running in Under 60 Days

In Customer Success, Time to Value (TTV) is one of the most important KPIs. Getting your customers to experience value on your platform quickly means they will benefit from it more quickly and will be able to achieve ROI more rapidly. 

It takes Vitally customers just 1.9 months to go live, well ahead of the average of 2.6 months for other Customer Success Platform users.

While Time to Go Live depends on many factors, including you and your team, Vitally customers have benefited from simple integration workflows, as well as strategic partnerships with our in-house Customer Success team.

Start Leveraging Customer Data on Day 0

Your existing tech stack can be quickly integrated with Vitally. Key integrations include HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Segment, Mixpanel, Gmail, Slack, Jira, Snowflake, and 20+ more. Vitally allows you to set up and manage your own integrations, so you will never be stuck or dependent on Vitally for customer data.

Setting Your Team Up For Success

Our best-in-class Customer Success and Support teams are at your disposal to help you get up and running, as well as troubleshoot any issues you might encounter.

We also offer a deep library of resources to help you learn the Vitally platform on your own time Vitally Academy is where we help you and your team understand the features and buildout of your Vitally experience. In case you're a new user or just want to get to know a feature or process better, we've got you covered.

Vitally Foundations takes you through the basics of Vitally, while Vitally Workshops dig deeper into how to maximize your experience with Vitally. You’ll learn from our in-house Customer Success team, including Sr. Director of Operations and Education Parker Moore, as well as several of our Customer Success team members including Steph Townes, Amelia Losciale, and Lauren Axworthy.

Ready To See the Results?

We’re excited to show you everything Vitally has to offer while maximizing the impact for your team, customers, and business. We’re here to help you get up and running and achieve ROI as quickly as possible.

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