8 Must-Listen Customer Success Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic resource for CSMs and business leaders looking to stay competitive in the fast-changing world of Customer Success, which is why we’ve compiled eight of the best CS-focused podcasts we listen to weekly.

All of the podcasts featured in this roundup provide practical tips that you can apply immediately in your job. Whether it’s improving customer retention, increasing product adoption, or perfecting your renewal processes, you’ll find valuable takeaways and unique perspectives in every episode.

1. Success/ful

Success/ful is a must-listen podcast for Customer Success professionals and leaders, offering a holistic perspective on cross-departmental collaboration and helping Customer Success teams get a seat at the decision-making table.

Hosted by Vitally VP of Customer Success Taylor Johnston for its first season, the podcast features conversations with industry leaders from in and out of the CS department, providing a well-rounded view of effective Success strategies.

Each episode delivers actionable advice and real-world scenarios taken from the guests’ careers. For example, Ryan Seams from AssemblyAI discusses the power of storytelling in CS, while Monique McDonough from WorkTango shares strategies for transforming CS teams into revenue champions. Other episodes cover topics like aligning with product teams to solve customer pain and involving CS teams in pricing discussions, ensuring listeners gain diverse insights relevant to their roles.

The engaging format, with new episodes released every other week on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube, makes Success/ful easily accessible for all listeners. This podcast is essential for CS professionals seeking to level-up their skills, break down silos, and drive success within their organizations.

Check out the latest Success/ful episodes here!

2. The Customer Success Pro

The Customer Success Pro podcast, hosted by Anika Zubair, is a valuable resource for anyone in Customer Success. Anika, a seasoned CS executive leader (and former host of Planhat’s podcast, The Customer Success Channel), draws from her extensive experience in building and scaling CS organizations at hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies. Each episode features insightful interviews with CS leaders, strategists, and experts who share their best practices, tips, and tricks for creating world-class CS teams.

Listeners can expect to explore a wide range of topics that are crucial for advancing their CS careers and enhancing their company’s customer-centric approach. Anika’s dedication to spreading knowledge and fostering community is evident in her engaging discussions, making this podcast a must-listen for those aiming to put the customer at the heart of their business strategies.

Recognized as a top influencer in the CS space, Anika brings both expertise and passion to every episode, ensuring that listeners gain actionable insights to drive success in their roles and organizations.

Check out the latest Customer Success Pro episodes here!

3. Churn.fm

Churn.fm, hosted by Andrew Michael, is the go-to podcast for professionals in the subscription economy seeking to master the art of retention and churn reduction. Unlike other shows that promise a one-size-fits-all solution, Churn.fm breaks down systematic approaches used by founders and industry experts across product, marketing, Customer Success, support, and operations roles.

Andrew Michael started this podcast out of a frustration with oversimplified solutions to churn, aiming to provide actionable insights from real-world experiences. Each episode features high-quality guests who share their strategies for increasing retention and engagement at various growth stages.

Testimonials praise the podcast for its focused content and Andrew’s engaging interviewing style, making Churn.fm a must-listen for anyone serious about driving sustainable growth through improved customer retention.

Check out the latest Churn.fm episodes here!

Plus: Listen to Andrew’s appearance on episode 5 of Success/ful, “How Customer Success Can Have a Voice in Pricing and Packaging

4. Women in Customer Success

The Women in Customer Success Podcast, hosted by Marija Skobe-Pilley, is your go-to resource for empowering and insightful conversations with leading women in the Customer Success industry. Each episode provides a deep dive into the real-life experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women who’ve successfully navigated their careers in tech.

This podcast stands out for its focus on actionable advice and authentic stories. Marija’s interviews are designed to help you build and scale a world-class Customer Success organization, offering valuable insights that you can implement right away.

Whether you’re looking to develop your skills, gain recognition, or chart your own career path, this podcast provides the tools and inspiration you need.

Check out the latest Women In Customer Success episodes here!

5. Psychology of Customer Success

The Psychology of Customer Success podcast offers a unique approach to enhancing customer success strategies by integrating Cognitive, Behavioral, and Evolutionary psychology. Hosted by Rachel Provan, a Customer Success Expert turned Brain-based CS Leadership and Strategy Coach, the podcast moves beyond traditional logic-based methods to explore how psychological principles can positively influence customers and internal teams.

Each Wednesday, listeners are provided with actionable insights and strategies to unlock customer-led growth, gain C-suite buy-in, and advance their careers. The show is ideal for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of human behavior to drive success and foster stronger customer relationships. Tune in to transform your Customer Success strategy and make a lasting impact in your organization.

Check out the latest Psychology of Customer Success episodes here!

6. The CSM Practice Podcast

Hosted by Irit Eizips and the CSM Practice team, The CSM Practice Podcast is a must-listen for professionals looking to enhance their CS operation. With nearly 100 episodes featuring guests from around the globe, this podcast delivers tactical advice to improve customer retention, increase solution adoption, expand upsell revenue, perfect renewal processes, and gain more advocates.

Listeners can expect insightful conversations with Customer Success experts sharing their strategies and best practices. Recent episodes include discussions on handling challenging customers, hyper-growth strategies for CS teams, and the revolutionary impact of generative AI on customer success operations. Each episode is packed with actionable insights to help you advance your career and drive customer-led growth in your organization.

Check out the latest CSM Practice episodes here!

7. The Digital Customer Success Podcast

The Digital Customer Success Podcast, hosted by Alex Turkovic, is an essential resource for Customer Success leaders and practitioners eager to explore the rapidly evolving world of Digital and Scaled Customer Success.

Each episode features in-depth interviews with industry experts, both from within and outside the CS community, covering a wide range of topics related to building and innovating digital CS practices. 

From cutting-edge strategies to the latest trends in generative AI, this podcast offers valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their digital customer success approach.

Check out the latest Digital Customer Success episodes here!

8. The Jasons Take On…

For nearly six years, Customer Success visionaries Jason Noble and Jason Whitehead have co-hosted The Jasons Take On…, where they explore topics designed to advance the thinking and tactics of modern Customer Success professionals. 

These candid, insightful discussions cover everything from customer growth to commercial leadership, and are packed with value for CS practitioners, leaders, founders, and CEOs.

Check out the latest episodes of The Jasons Take On… here!

Want to learn something new today?

Podcasts can be a game-changer for Customer Success professionals. For those looking to boost cross-functional collaboration, Success/ful offers insights from an array of respected leaders. Meanwhile, Churn.fm tackles the essential strategies for reducing customer churn, a key metric in the subscription economy. And for women seeking inspiration and practical advice from the best in the business, the Women in Customer Success Podcast has you covered.

With these resources, and others listed in our top-seven, CS professionals and leaders can gain the competitive edge they may need to excel in their roles and organizations.

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