Leaning Into the Business of Your Customer

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Are you ready to transform your Customer Success team into revenue champions?

With WorkTango COO Monique McDonough as your coach, you hold the playbook for profitable Customer Success in your hands! In this episode of Success/ful: Winning Ideas From the World of CS and Beyond, Monique shares strategies for CSMs handling commercial duties and offers guidance on transitioning teams to a customer-centric revenue focus. Find out why enabling your team to lean into their customers’ business is a win-win for CS teams and customers alike.

Listen now to hear:

  • Advantages of CSMs assuming commercial duties (03:30)
  • How to empower CSMs to focus on revenue (06:35)
  • How to support new CSMs or account reps on this journey (10:35)
  • Benefits of transitioning from individual accounts to a holistic growth path (14:12)
  • How to utilize data to help CSMs be more strategic (16:41)
  • And much more…

Guest Quotes

Monique on purposeful communication:

“We should always have a purpose for every conversation and ‘check-in’ is not one of them. So we’re either solving a problem or we’re strategizing on an opportunity. But check-ins can be emails, let’s give everybody time back.”

Monique on aligning with customer outcomes:

“It's really important that we understand what each customer wants and then architect an experience back from that… Then, if we're coming back to our quarterly business reviews and we're saying, ‘Here's what you told us was really important. Here's what we've done to help you get there. How are we doing?’ You have an aligned conversation. You're part of a team, not part of a vendor-customer relationship.”

Monique on strategic portfolio management:

“Without a more strategic approach to your book of business, CSMs and account reps manage their book out of their calendar, meaning they're looking one or two quarters out at the renewals and trying to spend their time shoring up business that's in the line of sight versus the overall health of the portfolio… What we want to do is empower them to look at the book of business and figure out where their time is best spent when looking at the overall outcome. Our book of business reviews, which we do quarterly, gives us an opportunity to do just that. They can look at their book and say, ‘Where do I need to lean in to stabilize? Where do I not need to spend as much time and put things on a nurture path? Where will I have the highest growth potential?’”

Taylor’s Takeaways

  • Evolving one role impacts every other role: CS is a team sport! As you focus your CSMs on more high-impact activities, you need to be thinking about how other teams supporting CS will need to change as well. That means job descriptions, skills, and training resources across multiple teams.
  • Focus your team enablement: Your team can’t learn all new skills overnight, so focus your enablement plan around incrementally teaching, implementing, and practicing new skills with your team. It will take time, and that’s OK.
  • Decrease the complexity of your targets: Instead of creating complex targets and incentives for each type of growth lever (price increase, upsell, cross sell, etc.), empower your team to use their knowledge of their portfolio to grow customers in the most strategic ways.

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Episodes of the Success/ful Podcast are available to listen on:

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