Who is Pleo?

Pleo deciphers their customer base with Vitally’s data-driven automation

“We wanted to try out a new [Customer Success Platform], some new player on the block who could give us an edge. [The platform] that fit our culture and our needs the best was Vitally.”
Business Solution Analyst, Pleo
Nikolas Artadi

March 2021

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Pleo deciphers their customer base with Vitally’s data-driven automation

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Who is Pleo?

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Providing a spend and expense management platform for European-based companies, from SMB to Enterprise, Pleo is a fintech unicorn simplifying bookkeeping, eliminating expense reports, and revolutionizing businesses. Trusted by Lyst, IDC, Hello Fresh, and 20,000 other European companies, Pleo continues to grow across industry verticals allowing companies to scale and stay in control of their spending.

Favorite Features


Playbooks help you automate internal customer management, fire alerts for in-need accounts, and engage customers.

Cards & Decks

To customize account and user displays, organize related account and user columns into named Cards, and organize those Cards into Decks that can be used throughout Vitally.


Dashboards allow you to create and arrange advanced reports based on all of your customer data and activity objects in Vitally.

Success Metrics

Custom KPIs powered by equations you define, which can take into account almost any of the data you pump into Vitally, including product events, account and user traits, total users at an account, and more.

Customer Health Scores

Accounts can have multiple health scores e.g. one for "Product usage" and another for "NPS". You'll define healthy, concerning, and poor conditions for each score, and we'll 'grade' your accounts on a scale of 0-10 for each score.

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