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September 2021
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Star Hofer
Star Hofer
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PartnerStack, a platform empowering partnership teams to enhance revenue through automated partner referral and sales processes, faced challenges in managing customer and partner data from separate sources. The absence of standardized communication and limited visibility into accurate customer metrics hindered the efficiency of their Customer Success strategy. This case study explores PartnerStack's journey, the hurdles they overcame, and the transformative impact of adopting Vitally as their Customer Success Platform (CSP).

"What makes Vitally different is how you can parse all that data. The views are so powerful, [telling] me everything I need to know in one single click."

Star Hofer

Chief Customer Officer

Challenges Faced

Disjointed Customer and Partner Data

  • Issue: Gathering data from separate sources resulted in a tedious and time-consuming process.
  • Challenge: Lack of a unified view hindered the ability to understand the complete customer and partner landscape.

Inefficient Cross-Team Communication

  • Issue: Communication across teams was fragmented, impeding collaboration and the sharing of vital customer information.
  • Challenge: The absence of a standardized communication process hampered efficiency and alignment with the go-to-market strategy.

Limited Visibility into Customer Metrics

  • Issue: The team lacked a clear picture of customer metrics, making it challenging to assess SaaS customer adoption and the impact of partners.
  • Challenge: Inability to flow information seamlessly between SaaS customers and partners hindered decision-making.

Vitally: The Transformative Solution

Unified Data Source:

  • Vitally enabled PartnerStack to unify partner and customer data in a single, accessible source.
  • Seamless integration with the existing tech stack, including Zendesk, Guide CX, Gong, Zoom, and Gmail suite.

Streamlined Communication

  • The platform facilitated streamlined communication across teams, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Standardized processes for sharing customer information and data, ensuring efficient cross-team communication.

Reliable Data for Decision-Making

  • Vitally provided access to reliable data, empowering data-driven decision-making for respective accounts.
  • Dashboards with multiple views, catering to different user preferences, and focusing on CSM-specific metrics.

Parsing Data and Powerful Views

  • Vitally stood out for its ability to parse data and offer powerful views, allowing comprehensive insights with a single click.
  • The platform's features, including email summaries, enabled instant access to critical customer information and metrics.
"From a CSM perspective, they use [Vitally] as a way of helping prioritize their time. They focus their time and energy by using the health scores that are there, but also the adoption score."

Star Hofer

Chief Customer Officer

Decision-Making Process

Communication Integration

  • PartnerStack prioritized platforms that could seamlessly integrate communication data from calendars and emails.
  • Vitally's ability to pull information from various sources, including calendars and emails, played a pivotal role in the decision-making process.

Dashboard Creation and Clear Metrics

  • The team sought a platform that allowed the creation of dashboards with clear views of customer metrics.
  • Vitally fulfilled this requirement, providing flexibility for different users to access customized dashboards based on their roles.

Vitally: The Platform of Choice

Powerful Data Parsing

  • Vitally's standout feature was its powerful data parsing capabilities, allowing for in-depth analysis with multiple views.
  • Star Hofer emphasized the significance of parsing data and having a central location for all tasks, metrics, and data.

Integration with Tech Stack

  • Vitally seamlessly integrated with PartnerStack's existing tech stack, surprising internal Salesforce and data teams with its ease of implementation.
  • Salesforce teams shifted from being detractors to enthusiastic promoters of Vitally after witnessing its user-friendly Salesforce implementation.

Central Location for Reliable Data

  • The centralization of data sources in Vitally provided instant access to the latest customer information with a single click.
  • Views in Vitally empowered Star Hofer to quickly retrieve comprehensive details about specific customers.

Outcomes and Recommendations

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

  • Vitally dramatically improved cross-team collaboration, making the Customer Success team more productive and efficient.
  • CSMs at PartnerStack use Vitally to prioritize tasks, focus on health scores, and streamline their day-to-day operations.

Standardized Flow of Communication

  • The platform helped establish a standardized flow of communication within the Customer Success team, enhancing information accessibility.
  • Plans are underway to extend Vitally's usage to other teams, including onboarding, integrations, and sales organizations.

Unique Return on Investment Perspective

  • PartnerStack views return on investment not only in dollars and cents but in terms of driving customer impact and making CSMs more efficient.
  • Vitally's success is measured by its positive impact on CSMs, making their work easier and more focused on customers.

Strong Recommendation

  • PartnerStack unequivocally recommends Vitally to other organizations, emphasizing its suitability for both off-the-shelf and highly configured solutions.
  • The platform's ease of use, efficiency gains, and impactful data-driven decision-making make it a valuable asset for Customer Success teams.
“[Vitally] is a great tool for those that are looking for more of an off-the-shelf so they can get started right away. But it's also for those needing more of a highly configured solution, too.”

Star Hofer

Chief Customer Officer

PartnerStack's adoption of Vitally has marked a significant transformation in their Customer Success operations. Overcoming challenges related to data fragmentation and communication inefficiencies, Vitally has emerged as the cornerstone of a streamlined and productive Customer Success strategy. The platform's unique features, such as powerful views and data parsing capabilities, have empowered PartnerStack to achieve a unified and comprehensive understanding of both SaaS customers and partners. The collaboration and efficiency gains experienced with Vitally position PartnerStack for continued success and growth in delivering exceptional customer and partner experiences.

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