CSMs at Klaus use Vitally to segment their account portfolio into different groups for more impactful customer communication

"After implementing Vitally, expansion MRR definitely increased. It's this overwhelming feeling of relief that we have a complete customer picture with one click."
CEO, Klaus
Martin Kõiva

September 2020

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Klaus’ CEO has executive-level customer insights at his fingertips with Vitally’s purpose-built CS platform

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Who is Klaus?

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Klaus is a B2B conversation review and QA platform that helps support teams at Epic Games, Soundcloud, PandaDoc, HotJar, Wistia, and beyond, support quality conversation with reviews. Klaus measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.

Favorite Features


Auto-organize your accounts into any number of segments, using any data points. You can easily view each segment's accounts, KPIs, and more as you navigate Vitally.


Growing suite of plug-and-play integrations can be used to unify your disparate customer datasets into Vitally.

Customer Health Scores

Accounts can have multiple health scores e.g. one for "Product usage" and another for "NPS". You'll define healthy, concerning, and poor conditions for each score, and we'll 'grade' your accounts on a scale of 0-10 for each score.

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