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Speed up Roadmap Planning With a Feature Request Hub

Effortlessly track top product requests and prioritize your roadmap accordingly with a customizable Feature Request Hub.

About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

What Are Hubs?

Hubs are tailored workspaces within Vitally that help you organize your customer data and work. There are multiple ways you can organize Hubs — whether that’s by Customer Success model, lifecycle stage, team, and more. Nested within Hubs are various folders and Views (ways to display data) that are completely customizable to your needs.

Below, we’ll look at an example of a Feature Request Hub.

Why You Need a Feature Request Hub

With a Feature Request Hub, Product teams can understand customer needs in an easy-to-navigate, centralized location. Using this Blueprint, you'll learn how to structure your Hub so that you can quickly identify and prioritize popular product requests. 

Building a Feature Request Hub in Vitally allows you to collaborate with your Customer Success team right where your customer data lives. Gain a clear understanding of the most sought-after categories and prioritize your efforts based on request volume, revenue impact, and more.

This Blueprint is a great starting point for Product teams to customize based on their own processes. With Hubs, individuals and teams can build out their own dedicated spaces that make sense for them and how they want to get work done.

How to Use a Feature Request Hub

With this Hub, Product teams can manage feature requests in a streamlined and scalable manner. Each feature request submission can be customized based on the information you want to collect. For example, you might want to include Traits (editable fields) for the urgency of the request, a description of the feature, and a status field for the Product team to fill out (e.g., in progress, not prioritized, etc.).

In this Blueprint, you’ll find the following Views:

  • Accounts with Recent Requests: Quickly scan this Table View to understand which accounts have submitted recent product requests. Enrich this view even further by customizing the columns to display Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) data, health scores, NPS feedback, and more.
  • All Feature Requests: Track and sort all of your product requests with ease using this customizable list view. In our example, we include the feature request name, the description and categories, and the escalation level (e.g., Low, Medium, High).
  • Feature Request Dashboard: Maximize your efficiency with this Dashboard that summarizes feature requests by category, urgency, and revenue.

Bonus: Add in a Table View of healthy customers to mark potential beta testers, or create a Dashboard to measure product adoption of specific features across accounts.

Getting Started With Hubs

If you’re an existing Vitally customer, contact your CSM to see how you can get started with Hubs. For prospective customers, book a demo today to learn how Hubs can transform your team’s productivity.

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