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A Blueprint For Building a Personal Hub

Learn about Personal Hubs in Vitally and how they can help CSMs become more efficient and productive.

About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

What Are Hubs?

Hubs are tailored workspaces within Vitally that help you organize your customer data and work. There are multiple ways you can organize Hubs — whether that’s by Customer Success model, lifecycle stage, team, and more. Nested within Hubs are various folders and Views (ways to display data) that are completely customizable to your needs.

Below, we’ll look at an example of a Personal Hub.

Why You Need a Personal Hub

A Personal Hub is perfect for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and any other role that manages a book of business or set of customers. With a Personal Hub, you can choose to display customers that only belong to you and prioritize your most important day-to-day activities.

This Blueprint is designed to be a starting point for CSMs to customize based on their own processes and workflows. With Hubs, individual users and teams can build out their own dedicated spaces that make sense for them and how they want to get work done.

How to Use a Personal Hub

A Personal Hub surfaces the most important pieces of information that you’d need to tackle your day efficiently and productively. It is organized in a way that enables you to take immediate action on a particular account, but also includes Views that allow you to see how your entire book of business is doing at a glance.

This Blueprint includes the following Dashboard visualizations and Views:

My Customers: A Dashboard of overall customer health, risks, and opportunities.

Below My Customers are two table Views:

  • My Book of Business: A list of all your accounts including ARR, health, sentiment, and more
  • My Renewal Opps: A list of all your upcoming renewals and the stage each customer is in

While My Customers gives you a high-level overview of your accounts at a glance, My Top Customers is where you can dive a bit deeper into your top 5 accounts. In this example, you’ll see we have Stripe, Twilio, and a few others listed for easy access. Under each account, you can also nest different Views, such as an onboarding Project or Doc.

Lastly, My Action Items is a Dashboard of open Tasks, Projects, and metrics. Use this structure to easily manage your Inbox, Outbox, Projects, and Notes.

Getting Started With Hubs

If you’re an existing Vitally customer, contact your CSM to see how you can get started with Hubs. For prospective customers, book a demo today to learn how Hubs can transform your team’s productivity.

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