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The first platform designed specifically for today's Customer Success team. Operate with unparalleled efficiency, improve NRR, deliver best-in-class customer experiences, and get more work done.

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Where Customer Success
Gets Work Done

Customer Success teams today are facing a problem: how do they connect customer data back to their work?

Vitally changes that. Vitally is a new kind of Customer Success platform. An all-in-one collaborative workspace that combines your customer data with all the capabilities you expect from today's project management and work platforms.


The Customer Success Platform that Maximizes Productivity, Visibility, and Collaboration

Boost Team Productivity

Centralize all the capabilities you expect from best-in-class productivity tools with all of your customer data.

Your Hub For Important Work

Ensure that everyone has easy access to all the information that’s relevant to their work, at all times. Hubs give each individual and team their own workspace to organize customer data, Docs, Projects, Dashboards, and more.

Keep Projects
On Track

Projects are built to help Customer Success teams operate with clarity and speed. Stay aligned on every detail. Reduce work with templates and automation. Share progress. Hit your deadlines.

Smarter Notes for Smarter Teams

Flexible Notes make it easy for your team to keep customer records up-to-date with critical context. Start and end every customer interaction with the information that matters.

Put Knowledge On-Demand

Centralize all of your team's processes and documentation with a shared Knowledge Base for delivering consistent customer experiences at scale.

Automate Work Your Way

Keep work flowing with Vitally's Visual Workflow Builder. Construct powerful workflows on an open canvas to reduce human touch points and accelerate successful outcomes at scale.

Unlock Real-Time Visibility

Always keep your finger on the pulse. Equip your team with real-time data, alerts, and reporting on customer interactions from across your tech stack.

Integrate Data with Confidence

Unify your customer data into a single platform. Connect with ease and stay connected with Vitally’s best-in-class integrations.

Health Scores For Every Segment

Build and update actionable Health Scores for every customer segment. Maintain an accurate picture of individual and aggregate customer health for every lifecycle stage, payment plan, market segment, and more.

Actionable, Real-Time Dashboards

Make key information immediately available and easy to digest for both internal teams and customers. Measure performance across your team, customers, products, and business.

Increase Customer Collaboration

Customers and Customer Success teams work better together. Enhance customer experiences and increase time to value through collaborative communication in a shared workspace.

Docs Powered by Customer Data

Docs make it easier than ever to collaborate and communicate with customers in a real-time, dynamic workspace. Streamline work and insights by embedding Projects, Tasks, and any other important customer data.

Omnichannel Conversations

Strike an intelligent balance between manual and automated customer engagement. Auto-schedule Conversations to prompt action at key moments, while personalizing as needed.

Experts Say it Best


“We wanted to try out a new [Customer Success Platform], some new player on the block who could give us an edge. [The platform] that fit our culture and our needs the best was Vitally.”

Nikolas Artadi
Business Solution Analyst
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"[Vitally] is very sexy. The platform is fun to play with, it's very self-service and very quick to onboard. The ease of use sets Vitally apart."

Azelie Pouliot
Director of Client Services
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"We didn't need a data team or operations experts to do lots of integrations. Vitally's integrations are very much plug and play."

John Henwood
Senior Director of Customer Success
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"I can sleep at night [with Vitally] because now we can focus on what we love to do, which is talking to customers and driving that value, and not trying to figure out exactly how they're using us and what features are getting used or not. That's all at our fingertips right now."

Mark Stagi
VP of Customer Success
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"With Vitally we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time. It's made us way more efficient."

Jared McCoskey
Director of Customer Success
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