A Customer Success Leader's Guide to CRMs, PLG CRMs, and CSPs

Here's what's inside:

In this comparison guide, you’ll gain an understanding of...

  • The current SaaS tool landscape
  • How CRMs, PLG CRMs, and CSPs are similar and different
  • When to choose the right tool
  • What teams (Sales, Marketing, and/or Customer Success) can benefit from each tool
  • And much more!
Why do I need a Customer Success Platform if I already have a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot are designed for sales teams whose main focus is to bring in leads. Once those prospects turn into paying customers, it’s the job of Customer Success to ensure they receive the most value from the product. Because the goals of sales and customer success vary, CS teams require different tools and insights (such as health scores, lifecycle tracking, etc.) to ensure the right type of interaction is provided.

How do I choose the right Customer Success Platform for my team?

It’s important to find a Customer Success Platform (CSP) that best fits the needs of not only your team and business, but also the customers that experience your product. Before any sort of investment is made, you should think through and understand exactly what you’re solving for (e.g., unifying customer data, providing visibility across teams, managing QBRs, etc.).

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