Shogun Makes a Science Out of Customer Success with Vitally

Who is Shogun?

Finbarr Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder @ Shogun | Nick Raushenbush, COO & Co-Founder @ Shogun

Shogun is a powerful ecommerce experience platform that’s on a mission to empower brands like Fila, Timbuk2, Chubbies, MVMT, and thousands more, to build and optimize ecommerce experiences for their customers—creating brand loyalty and business growth.

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Segmentation: The Challenges

  • No way to strategically provide a white-glove experience for their largest merchants
  • Lack of understanding around their customers’ individual behaviors, and how to action on those behaviors
  • Delivering the same level of support to all clients

With thousands of customers signing up monthly for Shogun’s self-service product, Page Builder, Shogun’s Customer Success team struggled to track, and truly understand, their customers’ individual behaviors—especially those of their larger merchants and clients that needed additional attention.  

“Our business is largely self-service, we have tens of thousands of customers signing up on a monthly basis. And we don’t truly understand their behavior. Before discovering Vitally, we were never quite sure when to reach out to help them, and how to make them be more successful.”

Additionally, their Customer Success team had no way to zero in on their largest merchants—most of which have the most advanced use cases in their software—to ensure that they were onboarded, engaged and retained.

“On any given day, we’re seeing all of these clients sign up, a lot of whom have name recognition, and we really wanted to be able to say, ‘hey, let's do something above and beyond to take care of this new signup that we just got’, but there wasn't really an organized or kind of scientific way to do so with our existing support software.”

White-Glove Experiences at Scale: The Solution

  • Segmentation to ensure that largest merchants are getting a white-glove service
  • Setting up rule-based alerts and sequences for key customer segments
  • Enhanced visibility into the overall health status of high-value customer segments

When Shogun realized that their existing support software was no longer meeting the needs of their clients and Customer Success team, that’s when they started to really think about their approach to Customer Success, and how they could get a lot more intentional about addressing the needs of the segment of their client base made up of large merchants—who they wanted to deliver high-touch support and provide an extra level of care for. 

“I do feel that Vitally has really helped us level-up beyond just general support for this key segment of our client base,” said Nick. “And I don't think that we would have been able to continue with our existing tech stack.” 

Shogun’s Customer Success team leverages Vitally’s Playbooks and indicator features to track their best customers and make sure they’re successful with their products. By setting up rule-based alerts and sequences, their Customer Success team is able to proactively intervene when they see that a customer is on the verge of slipping away. 

“With Vitally, we’re able to get an overview of the account health of a specific segment of our users that’s very, very important to our business. And with that, we’re able to create campaigns that help us to combat churn, as well as identify opportunities to expand those customers within our product,” said Nick. “By using an integration with segment, we are able to trigger specific campaigns in Vitally based on a user’s behavior in the product.”

Why Shogun Recommends Vitally to Other Customer Success Teams

  • Fast-moving on product roadmap 
  • Intuitive user interface and user experience flow
  • Incredibly responsive and attentive to requests and feedback
  • Integrations are seamless and easy

After seeing first-hand how a fellow CEO was leveraging Vitally, Shogun’s co-founders reached out for a demo. Once they saw Vitally in action, there was no need to shop around. 

“From the moment of opening up the software, I immediately felt like this team really knows what they’re doing with the product. Its user interface and user experience flows were incredibly intuitive,” said Nick. “Right off the bat, I was sold on the product.”

Now, when anyone asks Shogun about Customer Success—they recommend Vitally, whether they’re a startup that’s just getting going, already at significant scale, or somewhere in between.

Get a demo and start using it. They have built an amazing piece of software that is incredibly intuitive to use,” said Nick. “It’s not bulky or clunky or difficult to implement, like some of the other enterprise-level options.”

Beyond the platform itself, Shogun recommends Vitally because of; the level of support they’ve received from day one, the seamless integration experience, Vitally’s receptiveness to suggestions and feedback that result in rapid development of the platform, and beyond.

“Vitally has really helped us make a science out of customer success,” said Nick. “If you’re not making a science out of customer success, you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities to reduce churn and see more expansion revenue.”

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