The Future of Vitally and Customer Success Productivity

It's an exciting day for the Vitally team as we celebrate two significant milestones:

  1. We raised $30M in Series B funding
  2. We are launching the latest evolution of the Vitally platform, along with a new brand.

First, let me shed some light on 'the new Vitally' and why we shifted our product strategy towards problems our market has historically overlooked.

The new Vitally is built around three key themes:

  1. Visibility
  2. Productivity
  3. Collaboration

Initially, Customer Success Platforms attempted to resolve the challenge of Visibility. Customer data was scattered across multiple tools, so CSMs were forced to log into multiple tools just to gain a basic understanding of their customers. But since Customer Success Platforms like Vitally have been tackling this issue for years, this problem has its share of solutions.

As we headed towards our Series B, I wanted to aim higher — to shift the narrative and emphasize the "so what" of this challenge. "What do Customer Success teams need to focus on now that they have an organized picture of the customer?"

Over the past decade, while Customer Success teams gained better access to customer data, an adjacent market was making interesting developments: work productivity tools. The use of tools like Asana, Notion, Coda, Clickup, Airtable, and more have fundamentally changed the way teams work, enabling them to become more strategic, more productive, and more collaborative.

These tools have even made it possible to involve external stakeholders in that work. I share our investor updates each month by cloning a Notion document, updating it with KPIs and commentary, and sharing it with all investors. Why not just send an email update? Searchability, engagement, and commenting options make it more appealing.

While Customer Success platforms have been battling the challenges of unifying disparate customer data, productivity tools have been tackling the challenges of work productivity and collaboration. However, the fact these battles are waged on totally separate battlefields comes at a detriment to Customer Success teams, who face both.

In the course of solving the Visibility issue, traditional Customer Success platforms have only amplified productivity and collaboration problems. With a better understanding of their customers, Customer Success teams inevitably want to better serve those customers. They want the tools to operate with more efficiency, deliver best-in-class customer experiences, impact NRR, and get more work done.

Despite all the great things Customer Success platforms have done to unify customer data, they fall short of enabling CS teams to do their best work.

This leave Customer Success teams in a difficult position: sacrifice the advanced capabilities of productivity tools and just work from their Customer Success platform, or deal with the hassle of having to use multiple systems and copy data back and forth. Both solutions have the same problem - a major loss of productivity for the team.

So, Vitally solved this problem.

With this next evolution of Vitally, Customer Success teams now get the best of both worlds - a clear picture of customer health (powered by bi-directional integrations) along with a productivity toolset that makes teams more strategic and collaborative, with both customers and their own team.

The Next Chapter of Vitally

At the end of 2022, I went out to fundraise our Series B, armed with our newfound solution to this problem. Market conditions at the time (and still to this day) presented a challenging environment for raising a growth round. Yet, this narrative - backed by strong financials and KPIs - excited and energized investors from the first pitch. Only two weeks after a blitz of investor meetings, I signed a term sheet.

I'm proud to announce that Vitally has raised a $30M Series B, led by Next47, with additional participation from new investors Hubspot Ventures and NewView as well as participation from our Series A lead, a16z.

With this new capital, Vitally will expand on an already unparalleled Customer Success platform - one we believe fundamentally alters the way Customer Success teams work. A single workspace that makes Customer Success teams more productive, more impactful, and brings them closer to the customer than ever before.

If you're interested in learning more about what we have planned next, join me on March 8th for a first-look webinar at the future of Vitally and Customer Success Productivity.

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