Rinsed Unlocks Customer Insights and Enhances Team Collaboration with Vitally

“We’re the CRM for car washes, but we need the CRM for Customer Success.”

Who is Rinsed?

Henry Simon, Customer Success Manager @ Rinsed

Rinsed is a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software specifically designed for the car wash industry. Their innovative platform helps over 1,600 car wash owners and operators effectively manage and grow their memberships. 

With their user-friendly CRM solutions, Rinsed empowers car wash businesses to streamline operations, strengthen customer relationships, and drive long-term success.

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Outdated Processes: The Challenges

  • Inefficient processes hindered scalability with rapid business growth
  • Lack of accessible historical data hindered CS team efficiency
  • Tracking day-to-day account information proved challenging

When starting out at Rinsed, Henry was tasked with creating a foundation for the CS team, but not having the right tools quickly became a pain point. 

“When I joined as the first Customer Success hire to work on post-implementation, one struggle I had was that I didn’t have the right tools to know what was going on in my book of business,” says Henry. “And more than that, I didn’t have the right tools to know what had happened in my book of business before it became my book of business.” 

Early on, Henry knew that their existing tech stack wasn’t going to make the cut as their CS team continued to grow. 

“We were using Google Sheets to keep track of what was going on with every customer,” says Henry. “Our sales team was using HubSpot, so we had some data there that we would pull and put into a sheet. [Before I joined], our CEO and COO, the two founders, were using a Google sheet where they would, every week, not make a new sheet; they would just delete the existing comments and put new comments in a box. It was not a scalable process.”  

There was a growing need to implement more processes for tracking and effectively managing account information. 

“We didn't really have any other processes put in place at all,” says Henry. “It was individual emails and then that one Google sheet that would once a week get deleted and re-uploaded with new information. We didn't even know what we were doing two weeks ago with that account. There truly was no historical data on what anyone was doing.” 

Ultimately, Henry wanted to implement a Customer Success Platform that could help the team better track their account data, their tasks, and customer interactions. 

“We didn't know what was going on on a day-to-day basis and we weren't tracking asks on a lot of things that were falling through the cracks,” says Henry. “We might be pinging our engineering team to have them build something or fix a bug in Slack, and that was it. There was no history, there was no tracking, and there wasn’t a note about it; it was just that one instance in Slack. 

“We needed the ability to take notes and [reference the] history of everything that we were doing with an account [to ensure] better customer interactions and that we were following through on what we said we were going to do.”

The CRM for Customer Success: The Solution

  • Unified all customer and product usage data into one platform for improved visibility
  • Ability to seamless integrate with their existing their existing tech stack
  • Access to historical data to enable proactive Customer Success management

The Rinsed team needed a single source for all things customer data, and a Customer Success Platform (CSP) was the solution to deliver just that. 

“I was looking to have that place that could become our source of truth of everything about the accounts, let us see what their health scores look like, have notes on every meeting, be able to create tasks, keep ourselves organized and email our customers,” says Henry. “It was really to have that baseline, the tool to allow the Customer Success team to truly do their job.” 

When it came to narrowing down a CSP for their company, Vitally was strongly recommended to their team. 

“We had some strong recommendations from other VC founders, and so when we started evaluating, we really saw that it would hit all our needs,” says Henry. “So given that and the strong recommendations that we had from other founders we were connected with, it seemed sort of like a no-brainer.” 

How did Henry get the executive buy-in to purchase Vitally? The answer was too good not to share.

“My founders really bought into it because we explained it as ‘We're the CRM for car washes, but we need the CRM for Customer Success,’ and that was what drove us to get Vitally.”

There were some major features that were most notable to the Rinsed team when evaluating Vitally. 

“One thing that stood out for Vitally when we were evaluating was that it seemed easy to get set up,” says Henry. “It [also gives] me that one central source of truth about everything that's going on with my customers.” 

Vitally’s ability to provide in-depth information about customers in a digestible format helped Henry and his team be more productive with their time. 

“Being able to understand how much the [customer’s] ARR is, how much they're using the Rinsed platform, and what type of communication we're having with the customer in one place where I can quickly click, grab, and stay organized with my follow-up tasks was really impactful and lets me organize my day-to-day in an effective manner,” says Henry.

With Vitally now a part of their day-to-day processes, Henry feels he and his team are more proactive against at-risk accounts. 

“Before Vitally, we didn't have a way to track who was a concerning account and who wasn't using our product,” says Henry. “We could click into the platform and manually look, but that wasn't a scalable process as we were getting bigger. Today we have a CSM Daily Dashboard where concerning accounts pop up. If an account pops up there, that CSM will send them an email. Vitally lets us stay more organized and know who we need to be focusing on at any given time.”

The seamless integration of Vitally with their existing tech stack was also a big game changer for more than just their Customer Success team.

“Rinsed has integrated a lot of tools with Vitally,” says Henry. “We use Zapier for when someone submits a Google form, that Google form collects all the in-front information that either our data team or engineering team will be handling in those tasks. When they submit that form, it also automatically creates a Task in Vitally so the CSM can track it. It also drops in Slack so we can have a conversation about everything that's going on.”

Having their product data flow directly into the platform has also been particularly useful for the CSMs. 

“We've also integrated directly with Snowflake, which is our data warehouse that hosts all of our product information that lets us pull the product data directly into Vitally, and we've been able to actually use that to create Health Scores, to make better-informed decisions, and to automate tasks because we're now seeing what is happening,” says Henry.

Vitally helps enable Henry and his team to work more efficiently each day and effectively scale those everyday processes as their company grows. 

“Vitally lets us know what you need to do each day without having to really think or having us disseminate that in team meetings, so we can be a bit more asynchronous,” says Henry. “On the other side, we wanted to make sure that we could communicate with our customers more effectively. [We have access to] automated templates that we can just send out in emails to our customers and be able to really scale our processes and make sure that we're not just doing redundant work throughout the day.”

The seamless integration with Gmail was another Vitally capability that provided another layer of visibility to the Rinsed team. 

“Every Customer Success Manager has their Gmail integrated with Vitally so we can see any conversation, which was really powerful,” says Henry. “Having the ability to look at an active conversation and see what my CEO, for instance, was saying to one of the accounts lets me have that context without having to go ping him and try to pull that information from him.”

When it comes to implementation, Vitally Projects is their go-to method to keep their internal teams and their customers on track. 

“Rinsed is using Vitally Projects to keep our implementation process on track,” says Henry. “We use it to really track where they are in the implementation. Our implementation changes depending on what tech stack we're fully integrating with for the customer. So each of those have different unique projects and it allows us to sort of click in and see.” 

“This is really powerful for the Customer Success Managers who can go in and look at an account and see where in the implementation process are, but it also lets our implementation team have a better sense of what's going on and delegate certain tasks to different teams.” 

Henry also shared a great insight into how Vitally enables better project management. 

“Make sure that you're using different Tags so that you're able to categorize the different Tasks that are happening within your Project.” says Henry. “We've actually been able to automate certain actions off of Tasks being completed by assigning Categories and Tags to those tasks, which has allowed us to create Indicators on the account and have a better understanding of what a process might look like in a Project.”

Why Rinsed Recommends Vitally to Other Customer Success Teams

  • Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing across CS org
  • Single source of truth for historical and present customer data
  • Streamlined account management

Vitally has become a major benefit for the Rinsed Customer Success team, allowing them to be more collaborative and productive than ever before. 

“Vitally allowed us to be a lot more collaborative and more asynchronous with our team’s knowledge sharing,” says Henry. “When one of the CSMs are out of the office, we no longer need to do in-depth write-ups about what's going on in each account because that just lives Vitally every day. It lets us be more productive in our day-to-day, and has allowed us to collaborate at a more effective level.”

KPIs for Rinsed have also seen a positive effect after implementing Vitally into their tech stack. 

“One of our biggest KPIs was to bring down our response times to customers,” says Henry. “Things often could take a while, but having Vitally in place allowed us to really scale what that was going to look like and understand who we might have been forgetting to email. Now we can better track who we are effectively communicating with and be able to make sure that our KPI of increasing customer responsiveness was something we were staying on top of.”

Down to the final question, does Rinsed recommend Vitally? Yes they do, and we love it! 

“I recommend Vitally to any Customer Success team,” says Henry. “At previous organizations I've worked with, I as a Customer Success Manager pushed to use the wrong platform to try to understand what was going on. Having a CSP like Vitally in place allows me to stay organized in my day-to-day, but also gives me confidence that as I move Account Managers around, as people come and go, we're still going to know what's been going on with account history. Having that history from day one or from wherever you get started with Vitally is just going to give you a leg up when those transitions happen.”

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