Vitally Accelerates BombBomb's Operations with 27x Faster Information Retrieval

“Being able to have everything in one location really lets us compare the success and effectiveness of the entire team.” 

Who is BombBomb?

Eleah Steinberg, Technical Enablement Specialist @ BombBomb

BombBomb is a video communication platform that simplifies and optimizes communication, serving over 30,000 customers. Their software allows users to record, send, and track video messages, enabling them to connect with clients and prospects, and build relationships through personalized video content.

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Navigating Company Roadblocks: The Challenges

  • Inefficient systems and processes that were not able to scale with rapid business growth
  • Difficulty in adapting a sales platform to meet the specific needs of the Customer Success team
  • Data fragmentation hindered CS team efficiency and access to key information

BombBomb was growing rapidly, but their Customer Success organization was using processes and tools that couldn’t scale with their rapid business growth. 

“We have grown our books of business, we have grown our number of customers, we have grown our average recurring revenue, but we were still operating with the same systems and processes we created four years ago,” Eleah says. “And obviously, you start to cap yourself, you're not improving your efficiency. If you're not getting those processes implemented and starting to systemize things, then you're really limiting your team and what they're able to do effectively.”

The BombBomb team attempted to make a sales platform meet their CS team's needs, but it came with its own set of challenges. 

“Like many other large organizations, we work out of Salesforce, which in its name, you can tell is geared toward sales teams,” says Eleah. “We were very slow to implement even small changes that we needed to be able to keep track of our data and run our books of business better simply because the entire organization was plugged into Salesforce, and thereby, you had to get lots of sign-offs before you were able to make any changes.”

Another major challenge for the CS team was having their data spread across multiple systems.

“Our billing information lives inside Chargebee, [BombBomb customer] usage information lives inside our web app, and [our] customer contact information, like accounts and subscriptions, lives in Salesforce,” Eleah says. For an Onboarding Manager or a CSM to do their job, they would have to go out and track down key pieces of information across all of those systems and bring them back together.”

Figuring out what type of solution was needed to help their CSMs be more effective in their role was a huge goal for the BombBomb team.

“We knew that there had to be ways that we could be more effective. [Our CSMs shouldn’t] have to be excellent at data management. [Our CSMs] shouldn’t have to be an expert at updating Salesforce. [Our CSMs shouldn’t have to worry about] the 17 spreadsheets we're using to keep track of renewal dates,”
says Eleah. “We wanted [our CS team] to focus on renewing, retaining, and building relationships with our customers.” 

Automating Customer Success Processes: The Solution

  • Utilizing automation to eliminate time-consuming and manual CS processes in place
  • Ability to track and pull customer usage data to enable quick, data-driven decision-making
  • Unifying all data sources into one platform to serve as a single source of truth

When it came to finding the right platform for their team, BombBomb had a clear idea of what they needed in a CSP. 

“We were specifically looking for a customer success-focused solution. And so we needed a more lightweight solution that we could quickly adapt to implement and make changes to because, like many other software solutions, we are quickly changing many [of our processes].”

After pinpointing which tools needed to be integrated with a CSP, another big requirement for the BombBomb team was finding a solution that they could set up and effectively manage on their own. 

”I think the biggest requirement outside of integrating with tools like Chargebee, Salesforce, Zendesk and Redshift was our ability to support the solution directly within the Customer Success team,” says Eleah. “So when we were looking at a Customer Success solution, we needed something that we could support [on our own] and that we wouldn't have to shoulder tap anybody outside of the CS team to run effectively. Because of that, Vitally is an excellent solution for our company.”

Once Vitally was implemented, their CSMs could focus on what they do best — building and nurturing customer relationships. 

“By implementing a Customer Success specific tool like Vitally, we were able able to consolidate all of those manual one-off projects that lived, for example, in a spreadsheet, and put them into a single tool that we can provide support to and lets the Customer Success team focus on building relationships,” says Eleah.

A standout feature in Vitally that is actively used by the BombBomb team is Success Metrics, helping them gather all account and customer usage data in seconds. 

“Being a video solution, we must offer clear insight into how our customers utilize our solution,” says Eleah. “Vitally provides us with the ability to implement and customize Success Metrics, which helps us track customer account usage more effectively. I can [also] access all the necessary information about an onboarded account in just 10 seconds. If I were to gather this information manually, I would have to navigate through three systems, which would take close to 4 minutes and 30 seconds per account.” 

Having a single source of truth for all customer data, the BombBomb team is far more proactive against churn.

“One of the biggest advantages of using Vitally is its fast intelligence and proactive capabilities. For instance, we have set up Vitally to monitor the number of occupied seats in a team. If a team starts removing members, it could be an early indication of potential churn or downsizing. Previously, our customer success professionals had to manually check each team's size, which was time-consuming and not scalable,”
says Eleah

“Now [we’re gathering] key information in one place and attaching Indicators to notify our managers. This proactive approach helps us predict customer behavior and provide better support, shifting from reactive to proactive Customer Success management.”

Automating manual tasks in Vitally has been another huge time saver for the BombBomb team. 

Before Vitally, “our people were really stressed out by the manual work [and processes], so we focus[ed] on improving those stressors that are hard to keep track of and aren't really helping your team optimize their sweet spot. By implementing automation for those manual processes, it helped free up that creativity and strategic side of our Customer Success team,” says Eleah. “‘Work smarter, not harder’ is kind of my motto, and I think Vitally speaks perfectly to that.”

Regarding all things QBRs and renewals, Vitally’s Project and Notes features play a major role in keeping all important information organized. 

“For renewals and quarterly business reviews, Vitally Projects come in handy for that because working with 50 to 60 teams, it's not possible to keep track of everything from our customers,” says Eleah. Also, Projects keeps the team “organized [with the] ability to capture key pieces of information in a Vitally Note and the bidirectional sync between Vitally and Salesforce ensures that our sales peers can have access to the same great information that we're getting out of those quarterly business reviews with our customers.”

With Vitally, their CSMs waved goodbye to their days of data fragmentation and hello to dashboards that serve as a single source of truth. 

“Vitally’s Dashboards allow me to support the Customer Success Manager team by simply providing one dashboard that serves their role. I can put all the necessary components in it, and then when they come in, they're just seeing what they need to focus on and what they need to prioritize that day,” says Eleah. “But then I can give our VP of Customer Success that exact same dashboard, and he can see the entire book of business for that role in that same place. So Vitally dashboards are a huge time saver for us!” 

Why BombBomb Recommends Vitally to Other Customer Success Teams

  • Enabled proactive Customer Success management 
  • Centralized all customer data relevant to CSMs to help maintain and nurture strong customer relationships 
  • Enhanced collaboration and efficiency across the Customer Success organization 

The Vitally platform has been fully embraced by the CS team at BombBomb, implementing the platform into its everyday operations. 

“I'm very proud of how our team has adopted vitally into its operations,” says Eleah. “This is the first tool we've ever utilized to make our own processes and our own books of business better. Change management is always a challenge with software companies, so the fact that we're all on the same page is tremendously valuable. Being able to have everything in one location really lets us compare the success and effectiveness of the entire team.” 

With more visibility into their customer data than ever before, the BombBomb team feels confident in the accuracy of the data they are pulling, which ignited data-driven decision-making for their team. 

“Our visibility into customer data after Vitally has tremendously improved,” says Eleah. “BombBomb itself has a multitude of integrations, so the fact that Vitally can show us how our solutions are being used is the insight that we've never had before.” 

Moment of truth! Does the BombBomb team recommend Vitally? We’re happy to report — they do! 

“I would absolutely recommend Vitally as a Customer Success solution,” says Eleah. “While the technical components are fantastic, I love the different integrations it includes and its ability to pull everything into one place.” 

What else does the BombBomb team love about Vitally? Our support team! The awesome support they received throughout their implementation was worth a shout-out. 

“For our Customer Success team, it's really the people that make a difference. We never tried to implement processes of this scale before, and so being able to have a partner, like our Customer Success Manager, Amelia, and such a responsive support team, means that we can take these ideas and actually make them happen. So the biggest reason I would recommend Vitally, in addition to all of the great technical features, is the support team behind them!”

To get an inside look at how Customer Success teams use Vitally to drive proactive Customer Success Operations management, enable data-driven decision-making and more, schedule a demo to see how your CS org can benefit from Vitally today. 

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