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Quarterly Business Review Prep Template

Learn how Taylor collaborates with customers and streamlines his process for business reviews with his QBR Prep Blueprint.

About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) presents Customer Success teams with an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with customers and uncover what they have achieved using your product. If there have been bumps in the road, a QBR can also serve as a forum to address challenges, regain executive and user buy-in, and set your customer back on the path to success. 

With Vitally Doc Templates, you can create a standard outline to help your team prepare for QBRs. Our QBR Prep Blueprint can help you set expectations with the customer, communicate important details, and align on your customer’s business goals prior to the QBR session.

Taylor Pettiford, a Customer Success Manager at Vitally, uses this QBR Prep Blueprint to streamline his preparation process for business reviews, engage customers in the process, and work more efficiently overall.

Preview of Blueprint
When to use a QBR Prep Blueprint

This Blueprint offers a great starting point for teams who are looking to standardize their preparation process for a Quarterly Business Review. Whether your next QBR is 30 days or 90 days out, sharing a Doc with customers will create transparency between both parties and ensure a productive meeting when the time comes. 

In this Blueprint, you’ll find a sample introduction, impactful metrics to share, goals, and a checklist of tasks. Each of these sections can be easily adapted to fit your team’s needs and can serve as a great source of inspiration.

KPIs Impacted
  • Product Adoption Rate
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Net Revenue Retention (NRR) Rate
  • Account Health Score
What data points or information will you need to complete or add?

While the types of details vary based on your organization, Quarterly Business Reviews generally follow a similar outline and purpose. We recommend using Vitally Account Variables in your Doc Template in order to automatically pull in customer data such as name, number of licenses, etc. This way, you can share Docs at scale without the need to manually customize each one. Additionally, you can embed Custom Traits which are editable by customers in order to collect the latest information (i.e., their goals).

How can you customize this for other use cases?

This template for Quarterly Business Review Prep includes the use of Vitally Account Variables and Tasks. To save time, teams can also create Project Templates (i.e., a predefined set of Tasks) that can be inserted in a QBR Prep template. You can then produce templates that are tailored to each customer segment and quickly share them at scale.

Using these elements, Customer Success teams can adapt the QBR template for many other use cases where they need to share and collect information from customers. By using Vitally Doc Templates, you can keep your Customer Success team productive, collaborative, and prepared for any QBR meeting.

Going beyond Docs

Vitally Docs, Projects, Notes, and more provide B2B SaaS teams with a comprehensive system to be more efficient and productive. Learn more about how to work smarter with Vitally by browsing other use cases from CS experts below!

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