5 of the Best Customer Success Platforms for SaaS Companies

We’ve published a handful of blogs sharing our top Customer Success Platform (CSP) recommendations based on different criteria like small business solutions and mid-market options. This time, we’re not sorting by business size. We’re covering five of the best Customer Success (CS) tools for SaaS organizations specifically.

SaaS companies know tech and love buying it. But choosing the right solution is easier said than done. We hope this blog helps you in your research and shines some light on what each of these five top-rated SaaS CSPs have to offer. Across the board, we’ve noticed the best solutions prioritize:

Keep those features in mind throughout the rest of this post. Let’s get to the list!

5 Fan-Favorite Customer Success Platforms for SaaS Companies

In no particular order (except for number one 😉), here are five of the best Customer Success Platforms for CS teams at SaaS organizations, complete with feedback from real customers who left reviews on G2.

1. Vitally

best customer success platforms for saas companies vitally best csp

Why Is Vitally Great for SaaS Companies?

Vitally is “the first platform designed specifically for today's Customer Success team.” On a broad scale, the tool offers entire CS teams ways to boost efficiency, improve NRR, and offer best-in-class experiences. More tactically, it’s a single place for CSMs to manage all of their customers, projects, and tasks based on data that lives in other tools around the business

With Vitally, CS teams don’t just understand or track value; they create it for their customers again and again. 

Oh, by the way: Vitally was awarded G2's "Best Results" and "Best Estimated ROI" honors in the CSP category for Winter 2024.

✅ What SaaS Customers Love About Vitally

  • “In the process of evaluating a platform for our company, no one came close to matching the ease of use and intuitive feel of Vitally.” — Review from Dylen, a Senior Business Systems Analyst at a large SaaS enterprise 
  • “Bringing our existing data into Vitally during implementation was super easy and quick which let us start using Vitally almost right away. I'm talking within days of getting data pushed into the platform!” — Review from Tomas, a Technical Customer Support Manager at a mid-market SaaS org
  • “I like that I can track the lifecycle of a customer, complete projects, and schedule emails, tasks, and reminders. It's my one-stop-shop to see everything that is currently happening with our clients.” — Review from Christine, a CSM at a small SaaS business

❌ What a SaaS Customer Would Change About Vitally

  • “The flexibility allows you to make Vitally your own, but can quickly lead to disparate processes…if you don't put controls in place. Overall, the flexibility is a massive positive; it's just a bit of a watch-out for people getting started.” — Review from Tom, a Head of Customer Experience (and CS process enthusiast) for a mid-market SaaS org

Read more of Vitally's G2 reviews right here

2. Custify

Why Is Custify Good for SaaS Companies?

As of today, Custify’s home page headline is, “Customer Success Software for SaaS.” They’ve taken a strong stance as the solution of choice for SaaS organizations with CS leaders who want to improve product adoption, reduce churn, and better understand the customer lifecycle.

✅ What SaaS Customers Like About Custify

  • “The playbooks and health scores have been great. They've really helped my workload and made my own processes more efficient.” — Review from Jace, a Custify user at a small business 
  • “It consolidates data from five different sources under a single pane of glass, saving us tons of time trying to get our arms around the status of a given account.” — Review from Scott, a Custify user at a mid-market SaaS business

❌ What a SaaS Customer Would Change About Custify

  • “There’s a bit of a learning curve in the beginning — the platform is not super intuitive, but I've got the hang of it now.” — Review from Julia, a Custify user at a small SaaS business

3. Hook

Why Is Hook Good for SaaS Companies?

Hook is a tool that empowers client-facing teams to grow revenue from their customer base using data and AI — not gut feelings. With machine learning, Hook studies how customers engage with their points of contact and the actual product to predict renewals and also spot opportunities for intervention or expansion. Some recognizable SaaS brands like Salesloft and Canva use Hook. 

✅ What SaaS Customers Like About Hook

  • “I enjoy reviewing the adoption statistics and seeing how my customers are trending, as well as the proactive recommendations of what I can be improving with each customer.” — Review from Fran, a Hook user at a mid-market SaaS organization
  • “The ‘Engagement Score’ and ‘Alerts’ clearly show the journey customers are taking, and it's helped me realize areas I wasn't aware I needed to focus on and take immediate action from within Hook.” — Review from Chris, a Hook user at a mid-market SaaS organization

❌ What SaaS Customers Would Change About Hook

  • “Sometimes, the data can be inaccurate, meaning I have to verify figures on our other databases. Also, the engagement level can change drastically over a few days with little clarity as to why.”  — Review from Laura, a Hook user at a mid-market SaaS organization

4. Planhat

Why Is Planhat Good for SaaS Companies?

Planhat is a “horizontal customer platform” that supports hundreds of global tech brands. The tool helps teams tell stories with their data, collaborate both internally with each other and externally with customers, and solve complex post-sale problems. The Planhat team markets themselves as a good solution for “Customer Success, Product-led Growth, Channel Management — or anything else.”

✅ What SaaS Customers Like About Planhat

  • “We have some unique aspects to our business model that differentiate us from traditional SaaS. Planhat's flexibility, coupled with their outstanding support, has allowed us to glean a ton of value from the tool!” — Review from Connor, a Planhat user at a small SaaS organization
  • “Equipped with intelligent automation and various features, it assists the CS team in their daily operations, allowing them more time to actively engage with our customers.” — Review from Gustav, a Planhat user at a mid-market SaaS organization

❌ What SaaS Customers Would Change About Planhat

  • “While the automations in combination with the filters are very powerful, it gets easily very messy and one risks losing sight of all the workflows put in place. This process is very manual.” — Review from Marie, a Planhat user at a small SaaS organization
  • “We use Stripe for our billing, subscription licensing, and revenue. Unfortunately, Planhat does not have a native integration with Stripe (yet!) which means we are using a series of webhooks to connect our critical revenue data to Planhat.” — Review from a Verified Planhat User in Computer Software at a small SaaS organization

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5. Catalyst 

Why Is Catalyst Good for SaaS Companies?

Catalyst is a Customer Success tool on a mission to turn customers into the #1 growth engine for businesses. They focus on giving Sales and CS teams the insights they need to build workflows, playbooks, and automations that are entirely anchored on what their most successful customer journeys look like. Big name brands like Sendoso, Frame.io, and Gusto use Catalyst. 

✅ What SaaS Customers Like About Catalyst

  • “I love that it syncs to so many tools and creates one central location for updating opps, accounts, and quota management. Our team is able to quickly manage their BoB, thanks to a very intuitive UX.” — Review from Todd, a Catalyst user at a mid-market SaaS organization

❌ What SaaS Customers Would Change About Catalyst

  • “One notable drawback is the presence of system limitations that occasionally disrupt day-to-day operations. These limitations, particularly in cross-functional queries, can frustrate our admins trying to create comprehensive insights.” — Review from Vincent, a Catalyst user at an enterprise SaaS organization
  • “Coming from an existing homegrown CS tool, I would like the ability to import historical usage data. That wasn't available during my implementation period, but I'm confident Catalyst will add this feature.” — Review from Taylor, a Catalyst user at a mid-market SaaS organization

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Honorable Mention

We’re out of space and time, but if we were to continue this blog post, here are the other platforms that would’ve made the cut. Be sure to check them out, especially if you’re just starting your research:

SaaS CS Leaders, Are You Ready to Modernize Your Team’s Workflows?

While all of the vendors in this post could likely improve how you serve your customers, we’re convinced Vitally would improve it the most. We have ample experience preventing churn, aligning teams, and modernizing Customer Success. With Vitally, teams are more efficient, customers are happier, and everyone wins.

Vitally is trusted by admirable SaaS brands like Mixpanel, Productboard, Spiff, Coda, Gorgias, Writer, and more. Whether you’re a fast-growing start-up or steady enterprise software organization, our Customer Success Platform can provide you and your CSMs or AMs with the productivity, visibility, and collaboration they crave to keep your customers happy (and expanding).

Curious about Vitally? Book a personalized demo with our team to see what we’re all about, or check out a few customer stories from these SaaS brands: Rinsed, BombBomb, and Passbase.

One last thing: If there’s anything we should focus on in our content that’d be helpful to you, we want to hear from you. Drop us a note at hello@vitally.io with what you want to see us writing about in the future.

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